Digital Marketing Strategies: What Every Business Should know About Digital Marketing

This book helps businesses learn how to create a company online web presence, capture leads and get loyal customers through digital marketing.

The worldwide web has changed all of that forever. Not only can any business market, they can also market to a broader audience and at a lower cost. Small and medium-sized businesses need to market to succeed but they rarely have money to spare for elaborate campaigns. Every penny counts.
In order to be competitive in this new global market, business owners must be smart marketers. There are endless ways to get a message out there, but it is hard to know where to start and why. The importance of connecting and communicating with customers has never been more important and the ways to do it have never been more complex.
Internet marketing includes a wide range of tools such as blogs, social media, newsletters, videos, emails and search engine optimization, just to name a few. It seems like every week someone comes up with a new way to reach the online consumer. The online world is fast-changing and it is important that businesses stay on top of the latest developments

Quit Your Job in 6 Months: Why You Should Quit Your Job and How You Can!

Ordinary Job, Ordinary Life

“Quit your job? But I thought having a job was a good thing!”

Jobs feel safe. We show up, do what we’re supposed to do, and a check for the same amount comes in every couple of weeks. We can feel safe, secure, and comfortable with that. We can budget for housing, transportation, and food. We might even get a few weeks of vacation each year and have enough left over to go somewhere nice. So what’s the problem?

Average Isn’t Satisfying, and Repetition is Drudgery

The problem is that average just isn’t satisfying. We can be thankful that we’re not homeless or completely impoverished all we want, but that still doesn’t scratch the itch we all have to live an extraordinary life—to spend more time doing what we love, less time doing what we don’t love, and have more financial wealth to support our adventures.

On top of that, most jobs involve doing the same things over and over again. You don’t learn. One day blends into the next. You don’t grow. Your life lacks richness, diversity, and excitement. All put together this doesn’t make for a very inspiring way to live the one life you get.

Quit, and Do Your Own Sh*t

In Quit Your Job in 6 Months: Why You Should Quit Your Job and How You Can, author and internet entrepreneur Buck Flogging reveals all of his internet business secrets to help you build a business from zero to $100 per day or more in 6 months or less—all in your spare time using time-efficient tactics that work, with minimal startup costs.

If you want a shot at achieving real wealth and living the dream life of freedom to work anywhere in the world with an internet connection, the four book Quit Your Job in 6 Months series will teach you everything you need to know.

Available in paperback, audiobook, and as an eBook for instant download on major book retailers everywhere.

Work At Home Job Opportunities: Discover 9 Incredible and Legitimate Online Work At Home Job Opportunities You Probably Haven’t Considered But SHOULD!

Since the advent of modern technology, working remotely has become a trend. And for good reason! There are now countless job opportunities available online, and each day more and more opportunities are on offer. If you think that you can’t make a good living working from home, or that it’s “too good to be true,” then think again. Online jobs are absolutely legitimate, and truly incredible! They even offer advantages that you’d never be able to come by in a normal 8-to-5 job. Keeping reading – you’ll see. If you’re seriously considering working from home, this book is especially written for you. Here, you’re going to learn about 9 amazing work-from-home job opportunities that you probably haven’t considered before – but SHOULD!

Quick Start Guide to Affiliate Marketing: Answers to the Questions You Should Be Asking

To build revenue, it is important to pave your own path to success, rather than replicate the paths of others. Therefore, what this book will do is walk you through the key affiliate marketing concepts, answering the most important questions, and equipping you with the information you need in order to chart your own road map for affiliate success. In a Q&A format, the book answers a total of 60 questions, providing you with a solid foundation for building a successful performance marketing business.

What Services Should You Offer For Your Retirement Business?: A step by step guide – Start your own service retirement business today! (Retirement Business Launch)

This book was written for everyone who is about to retire or has just retired and is concerned that their savings, pensions, Social Security, investment income, and home equity will not be enough to live on during retirement.

It is also written for those retired people who want to keep active and / or pursue their dream business offer a service.

This book includes a

? Large list of 140 services that you can offer

? Bonus – Review of Software Tools

? Bonus – Create a Marketing Plan

Plus it includes dozens of links to websites with additional information.

If you need extra retirement income – then this book is for you.

It is not written for people who want to get rich quick or for those looking for a retirement job or for someone who wants to start another Microsoft or Facebook.

This book will guide you through the steps that you need to take to start your own service retirement business – even if you never had your own business before.

(If you are more interested in selling products see my other book Where to Find Products to Sell for your Retirement Business and How to negotiate the best prices too!)

Don’t work for someone else in your retirement.

A retirement business is NOT a job that requires you to be at a certain place for a certain number of hours and work how the boss dictates.




? You do not have to work in a fixed location. Therefore I don’t recommend that you open a store front, restaurant or a bed & breakfast.

? You will not have to maintain fixed working hours. You should work when you want for as long as want or for as little as you want. It depends on you.

? You will not have to have employees. Don’t deal with a payroll and employee issues. Perform the services yourself or outsource them to subcontractors.

? You need little or no capital investment. Protect the funds you have and do not put them at risk.

? You do not need specialized skills, licenses or certifications for most of these retirement service businesses.

? You cannot be fired as you will not be dependent on one boss.

In other words, you can earn money from your own retirement business and

still remain retired.

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Affiliate Marketing:: Strategies you Should know About

You might have heard lots of people mentioning that money is inside the record if

you have been doing this affiliate marketing business for a while. The simple

truth is the connection and the product quality that you have together with the

record enables you to make money. Is it true that you will need to have your

personal record of subscribers if you prefer to have a truly long haul affiliate

marketing business?

Social Media – Why your business should use social media!

Why your business should use social media!

We are connected 24/7 and social media has become an integral part of our life. It is changing how we communicate with each other and share information. We connect on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Even as consumers we are discussing buying decisions, sharing experiences and directly getting in contact with brands, products and services online.

Businesses and marketers need to understand this shift and find the right channels to open a dialogue with their target audiences. Regardless of industry, consumers flock to social media to inform themselves, often with an actual intend of buying. They are no longer passive consumers who get besieged with newsletters, emails, banners, print and television ads, but now are actively searching information and reviews online to make an informed buying decision.

Social media should be part of the overall marketing efforts no matter if you are a B2C or B2B company. It should be viewed as an additional element of an integrated marketing campaign, which can provide a great opportunity to increase awareness, generate buzz, customer loyalty and acquire potential new customers.