By the Numbers Advantage Meal Solutions Success Plan: One of the most affordable home-based cooking self-employment opportunities you will ever find.

This is the second introductory book in the Advantage Meal Solutions Success Plan. The First book told the story of our family and business. This book begins to give you access to the data you need to decide if you are ready to be self-employed in a meal solutions business. The meal solutions business is a cutting edge business model that avoids the complexities and expenses associated with traditional franchises. This affordable home-based business model just might transform your life.

Introductory Book: Advantage Meal Solutions Success Plan: One of the most affordable home-based cooking self-employment opportunities you will ever find.

With this introductory book, you have a chance to understand the Meal Solutions Business Model that we created before you invest significant time or resources to start your own business. When you decide to become self-employed, Advantage Meal Solutions is ready to assist with a very affordable and proven Success Plan. Your new business can reward you with a steady income, an unparalleled quality of life, and a sense of pride that the service your family business offers makes your community a better place to live. We know that this can work for your family, because it has already worked for ours.

Self-Employment 101


This information is Utah specific, but the general information is applicable anywhere in the US.

The economy sucks Hell, we all know that. Your home is being foreclosed, you have been laid off, you re paying $3 + bucks a gallon for gas, and worse of all…your boss has a DEATH GRIP on the company wallet, and won’t give you a raise

FIRE YOUR BOSS, start your own business and start earning what you’re worth

So now you’re wondering how in the world do you start a business! Man, that sounds like work!

I have successfully started and conducted my business for the past 7 years, I have been studying business and organizations for the last 15 years. Yeah, I KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT, because I have done it.

Self-Employment 101 (18 pages)

Utah Specific

But the information is applicable anywhere in America

In this E-book you will learn:

* How to Get An EIN Employer Identification Number, Do You

Need One?

* Legal Structure, And How To Organize.

* General Tax Information.

* Press Release Information.

* Marketing Tips.

* Sources of Funding

* That there is a difference between Sales, Marketing and Branding.

And WAY MORE INFO than there is space here.

Hey, I don t have a degree from Harvard, but neither did Ray Kroc, Dave Thomas as well as hundreds of other Gagillionaire entrepreneurs. The brick box you sat in for 7 years means nothing to your IDEAS and the CASH just waiting to be harvested.

Get off your butt, buy this product and put your ideas to work NOW!

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The Twentysomething Guide to Creative Self-Employment: Making Money While Keeping Your Freedom


Looking for a job that offers more satisfaction and freedom than the corporate grind? Starting your own business could be the perfect solution. You don?t need a big savings account or unusual talents to become your own boss, but you do need good advice. Author Jeff Porten started a successful company just out of college—he knows how to launch a business on next to nothing and make it work. In The Twentysomething Guide to Creative Self-Employment he explains everything you?ll need to know to succeed, including how to:

• Brainstorm for great start-up ideas
• Budget and plan like a pro
• Network and schmooze with style
• Market yourself without a big budget
• Survive the lean times while you get things rolling
• Deal with taxes and other legal stuff
• Keep the big picture—your happiness—in mind

It is possible to have a life and a fulfilling career. With some planning and determination, you can create the job of your dreams.

About the Author

Jeff Porten is the founder of Millennium Consulting, a Washington, D.C.-based international consulting firm specializing in new media technologies and the Internet.