From Rags Pile To Wardrobe Riches – How To Quickly Start A Home-Based Alterations Business: 7 Steps to Prevailing In Alterations

When you look at your home sewing machine, do you ever wonder if it could make you money?

You’re already familiar with spending money on fabric and supplies to make good use of your sewing machine, right?

But what if it could make money for you? What if it could pay back to you the money you spend on clothing and craft creation, and then some — as in making a good living, whether part time or full time?

If these are recurring questions in your mind, then most likely you’re ready to explore the potential for setting up shop at home and getting down to the business of sewing for clients — specifically, the business of offering alterations expertise to your local community.

You can potentially easily earn up to $1,000+ a month part time, and potentially as much as $2-3-4,000 per month offering clothing alterations expertise to your local community.

If you consider yourself to be a pretty good to excellent sewist, with a talent for organization and the courage to practice some business discipline, and best of all you’re a people person, then you may be ready to set up shop in short order.

Chances are all your sewing experience has led you to this point of making an important decision to add income to your household by sewing at home for people who stream to your home studio.

Wouldn’t that be exciting?

It certainly could be — for you and your potential customers. People are crazy interested in attaining perfectly fitting clothing, and it’s not easy to find alterations specialists. Depending on where you live, there may or may not be competition. Even where there is competition, you can easily succeed, especially when you can quickly gain insight into this trade by following the 7 steps to prevailing in such a business within this short 23-page read.

What you will not find in this book are the specific techniques for doing alterations. For that kind of information, you can find comprehensive video tutorials on my huge YouTube channel. Simply search for Alterations by Phyllis and learn the art from scratch or refresh your existing skills.

What you will find in this book are several easy-to-follow steps towards excelling in a business which few possess what it takes to do so. Let your imagination take over and your self-confidence soar while you explore this world and check it all out for yourself to see if it’s a match and/or inspirational to your desires before you take the leap.

That’s why I wrote the book. Are you one of those special people who can go out and meet the world’s clothing fit demands? If you are, then, actually, they will all come streaming to you without your stepping a foot outside your door.

You decide. Good luck!

Phyllis Smith

Venue Finder Riches: How Anyone Can Work From Home and Make BIG Money from Other People’s Celebrations, Meetings and Events.

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PASSIVE INCOME: Develop A Passive Income Empire – Complete Beginners Guide To Building Riches Through Multiple Streams (Multiple Streams, Passive Income Riches, E-commerce Empire)

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How To Negotiating For Cash Flow In Real Estate: Escrow Riches !


How To Negotiating For Cash Flow In Real Estate: Escrow Riches !

In these stressful economic times we are facing, people such as myself are still making a 6 figure income in there own portable home based business! Sound too good to be true? Well let me first assure you that this is not a get rich quick book, rather an unique business model that I have been using for years, not only as a source for income, but also to fund my real estate investments and others alike. Negotiating is a “Million Dollar” skill, and those of us that posses it can make money in any arena. In this book you will learn how to negotiate liens and attachments off of residential and commercial property so the title of the property will be marketable, thus allowing a sale and closing to become a reality. In return you will be compensated handsomely for your negotiating skills!

In this exciting business concept you will learn:

=> How to negotiate any lien or attachment for pennies on the dollar.

=> How to make sure everything is complete prior to closing.

=> How to guarantee you will get paid every time for the work you do!

=> How to turn this into your very own business.

=> How to get title companies, attorneys and accountants to market for your business.

=> All the forms and letters you will need to be successful in this lucrative industry.

And of course like all of James’s books you will receive much more.