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Work From Home: Top 7 Mistakes Business Owners Make In Dealing With Interruptions – Productivity Report!

Working from home involves hard work. That’s because most of the time we get ton of distractions that kill our productivity. Such as kids, unexpected visits, emails, phone calls, instant messaging, social media, etc.

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The Profit’s In The Middle!: An in-depth report featuring current opportunities and future prospects in the e book publishing industry


The e book publishing revolution continues apace, but what are the current opportunities and how can individuals take advantage of them? ‘The Profit’s In The Middle’! features real life examples of businesses that have ‘been there and done that’, with details of actual income and profits. This e book includes how to start and develop such a business opportunity and outsource much of the administration work if required. The following are the main topics covered: Background to the E Publishing Revolution Opportunity, Why Authors Need You, Sourcing Freelance Assistance, Providing the Complete Package, Attracting and Building Your Client Base, Defining the Package, Buying and Selling an Established Business, Business Timeline, Creating and Marketing E books. This is a comprehensive report reviewing ebook publishing opportunities and is commended to anyone looking to get started in a home based business providing services into this market.