The Invisible Sale: How to Build a Digitally Powered Marketing and Sales System to Better Prospect, Qualify and Close Leads (Que Biz-Tech)

Build a High-Impact, Low-Hassle Digital Sales Prospecting System That Works!

Hate cold calling? Stop doing it! Build a supercharged, highly automated digital sales prospecting system that attracts more qualified leads, shortens sales cycles, and increases conversion rates—painlessly! In The Invisible Sale , Tom Martin reveals techniques he’s used to drive consistent double-digit growth through good times and bad, with no cold calling. Martin’s simple, repeatable process helps you laser-target all your marketing activities, sales messages, and sales calls based on what your prospects are actually telling you. Martin boils complex ideas down to simple, straightforward language…real-life case studies…easy-to-understand templates…and actionable solutions!

• Discover the “invisible funnel,” where self-educated buyers are making decisions before you know they exist
• Leverage Funnel Optimized website design to identify your prospects’ key challenges before you ever speak to them
• Integrate social media, content, and email to optimize the entire prospecting process
• Make every sales call count with behaviorally targeted email prospecting
• Leverage Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to efficiently “prospect at scale”
• Use the science of propinquity to choose “outposts,” strategize social networking, and drive offline campaigns
• Save money by rightsizing production quality to each marketing requirement
• Rapidly create keyword-rich text content, and use it widely to promote self-qualification
• Create webinars and tutorials more easily and painlessly than you ever thought possible
• Choose low-cost devices, apps, software, and accessories for quickly creating high-quality DIY media content
• Learn how to apply Aikido Selling Techniques to close self-educated buyers


10 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Find and to Qualify Opportunities You Can Convert into Your Own Successful Business: Experience theTime,Financial and Creative … Freedom that EnablesYou to LiveYour Dreams


What This Book Has For You

Entrepreneurs often believe that if they come up with a business opportunity and build it, they will naturally get customers. While this was true a decade ago, in today’s economy it requires much more than a simple business setup to get people to purchase your products and services and become your loyal customers. It is important to keep up only with business opportunities that work and follow business-building practices that are necessary if you wish to expand and make your products and services popular with existing or potential customers.

Ending up with a bad business opportunity is not only discouraging but also incredibly costly. Unfortunately, with some people it happens all the time. But if you want to save yourself from regretful experiences, it’s time that you pay attention to the next big thing instead of thinking about the tricky numbers and marketing methods of salespeople. Regardless of how informed and educated you are on this subject, such factors can always trick you down.

While it’s true that finding good business opportunities are incredibly challenging and tough these days, if you know the right direction to move, you can definitely add your name to the most successful CEOs in your city or country. However, be patient and take one step at a time because any successful person in business will tell you that!

If you are already an entrepreneur or aspiring to be one and are looking to learn and acquire the skills of how to find and qualify opportunities to turn into a business, you are reading the right book. This book answers all your questions and includes information you have been looking for all this time. This book covers the following topics in detail:

1. Things you need to know about finding and qualifying opportunities you can convert into your own business.

2. Factors associated with good opportunities and how to identify them for your business ideas.

3. Details on 10 simple ways to find and qualify business opportunities and things you need to know before deciding on starting a new business.

If this is what you have been looking for, look no further because everything you need is right here. Read till the end and acquire the skills of finding and qualifying opportunities you can convert into your own business and begin your exciting career as an entrepreneur. It’s time to turn around your life with exceptional opportunities!

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