Chiropractic Marketing Success – How to Attract and Keep Lifelong Patients by Leveraging Social Media, Online Video, Mobile Technology and Direct Marketing

This book will teach you why inbound marketing, including social media, online video, and mobile technologies will attract more patients to your practice. It also teaches you how to leverage those tools on your own.
In addition to the whys and hows, this book offers unique insights from chiropractors and industry authorities like Edward Nielsen, Executive Vice President of the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association, and David O’Bryon, Executive Director of the Association of Chiropractic Colleges.

This book answers these questions:
– How can inbound marketing get you more patients
– Why if you’re not using video marketing you’re losing out on 90% of your potential patients
– How to use video marketing
– How can social media, online video and mobile marketing attract your ideal patient
– What is the importance of having a platform
– Why ubiquity is important
– What is Education Based Marketing
– How can Education Based Marketing attract you more, and more ideal, patients
– Why showing up for online searches is important
– The monetary value of showing up on online searches for chiropractors in your city
– How social media marketing can build credibility for your practice
– How to use cross channel marketing
– How to film an effective testimonial video

These strategies will work for any industry.

Podiatry Clinic Booking Secrets: How to Convert Your “Foot Traffic” Into More New Patients

When it comes to your podiatry practice, nothing is more important than having a steady stream of new patients coming through the doors every day.

That’s why many podiatrists try their hand at marketing – the art of getting people to call your front desk to make an appointment.

Podiatrists use traditional advertising channels such as the Yellow Pages, local newspapers, radio and television to attract new patients.

But what happens when one of those people who responded to an ad actually CALLS your front desk?

Does your staff have a structured process they go through in order to turn that phone call (or email) into a booking which results in you being able to treat this patient?

Or, are they left to fly by the seat of their pants – with no real plan – just to “be friendly and answer questions?”

“Podiatry Clinic Booking Secrets – How to Turn Your ‘Foot Traffic’ Into More New Patients” was written with one goal in mind:

Helping your front desk staff turn those advertising and marketing dollars into patients, and filling your clinic’s calendar with more bookings.

Written by two expert internet marketers who specialize in lead generation, the book helps readers understand the importance of the job they do and how it fits into the overall strategy of the clinic. Once your front staff is in the right mindset, the book covers the critical steps they need to take to turn an inquiry (or a lead as they’re sometimes called) into a booking for your calendar.

The tips, tricks and advice you receive should bump your booking rates to levels your clinic has not experienced before.

From what to do when a phone call comes in to how to handle the price question, this book reveals the strategies that high profile podiatry clinics use to achieve unprecedented success.

If there’s one new book on your Kindle reading list this year, make it “Podiatry Clinic Booking Secrets – How to Turn Your ‘Foot Traffic’ Into More New Patients” and watch your practice grow.