The New Freedom: Ordinary People Are Living Extraordinary Lives & So Can You!

“A great and thought-provoking read!” Nick Loper from the Side Hustle Show. “The book is about opening your mind to the possibility of something different, something better, something more exciting than buying into the old script simply because that’s the way it’s always been done.”

Escape the daily grind, work anywhere, and enjoy a meaningful life. 

“Picks up where Tim Ferriss left off in the 4-Hour WorkWeek” John Chang, author of Field Inspection

The new breed of entrepreneur values time over money, discovery over comfort, and experiences over status.

This book will unshackle you from needless expense, make you move your life and work online, get you to escape employment, and provide you with actionable strategies to make a living from more meaningful work.

  • Location-independent business models explained
  • In-depth interviews with the new breed nomad entrepreneurs including Justin Cooke from Empire Flippers, Dan Andrews from Tropical MBA and the Dynamite Circle, Shayna Oliveira, Avery Breyer, Nora Dunn from The Professional Hobo, Jodi Ettenberg from Legal Nomads, Jimmy Naraine, Akash Karia, and more!
  • The essential items for remote working
  • 20+ potential locations to enjoy The New Freedom are analysed
  • Mindset approach to living a happier, freer life with no complications and no compromise

The New Freedom is for everybody, no matter where they’re from. This book can help those tied to a location by family, as well as footloose young people. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re married with children or single; old or young; entrepreneurial or employed. The online economy, the cloud, mobile computing, and the Internet are already allowing more freedom into your life. The purpose of this book is to help you gain yet more of the new freedom.

The New Freedom means spending less and sharing more; working less and earning more; traveling more; and discovering that there’s so much more to yourself and this world than you ever knew.

Affiliate Marketing Empire: Learn How To Use Affiliate Marketing To Turn Your Ordinary Income Into Extraordinary Income

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Now, let’s be frank here. If you have grown weary of day-to-day work drudgery, a stomach that churns every Monday morning and a less than adequate bank account balance, then friend, you are at the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time!

Discover how Affiliate Marketing can change the way you do business and how you can finally free up time to enjoy the finer things life.

Let’s face it. People grow rich by looking for, finding AND acting on opportunities. Affiliate Marketing just may be that opportunity for you. The time to invest in you is NOW!

If you are eking out an ordinary income at best, working too hard for your money or just feel like you are missing out on the best parts of your life, then this eBook, Affiliate Marketing Empire, will give a quick, behind the curtains look at this extremely lucrative business model.

In The “Affiliate Marketing Empire” eBook, You Will Learn:

The Basics of Affiliate Marketing

What To Expect From Affiliate Marketing

The Right Strategy

Product Selection

Route to Market

Solving a Problem

Value Proposition and Selling Your Product

How to Write Your Sales Page

The Lifestyle

The Five Touches

Building Content, Lists and Social Media

Creating Amazing Content

Growth Hacks and Scaling



Now, obviously I can’t divulge all you need to know about this multi-billion-dollar industry within the pages of this one eBook. It can, however, bring a fresh, new look on how Affiliate Marketing can change the path you are currently traveling. Remember, if you gain just ONE piece of knowledge that can move you faster in the direction of financial freedom, then your investment in this eBook was well worth it.

Remember gang, if you’re going to get great at Affiliate Marketing, or anything in life for that matter, you will need to study, train, and educate yourself on this new found wealth generating opportunity.

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Basic Success Tools for Internet and Marketing Entrepreneurs: How do ordinary people become extraordinary!


A non-fiction that provides the basis for internet and network marketing entrepreneurs success. Subtext is how ordinary people can use the internet and online marketing business to become extraordinary. Author provides the allegory …”Kite Story” to drive home the point that there are basic elements for family and business life success.

Author established the Internet and Marketing School based upon the insights taught and uses to distribute curriculum and marketing collateral to students.

Fundamental One for internet marketing success depends upon a clear understanding of what leaders do consistently and having the proper mindset for an online entrepreneur.

Fundamental Two for internet marketing success requires the effective implementation of attraction marketing and understanding of marketing basics.

Fundamental Three presents the argument for internet marketers to demonstrate a level of expertise and authority and introduces the 10x10x4 methodology.

Fundamental Four presents the review and importance of branding and the development of personal success story.

Fundamentals Five and Six identify the research elements required to perfect skills of content development, video and system implementation