The Tour Manager Handbook : A Comprehensive Guide to Operating an Experiential Marketing Tour

Whether you are a marketing professional interested in learning more about the unique world of Experiential Marketing, a current Tour Manager, or someone who might be interested in this crazy and wonderfully exciting career, this handbook will walk you through the day-to-day routine of operating a successful Experiential Marketing tour. The recommendations in this book are based on direct firsthand experience from years of lessons learned in the field.

Guide to operating an International Property Sales Business from anywhere: All you need to know to set up a global property business


This guide will show you how to set up your business, obtain packaged and un-packaged property deals from all over the world and includes Spanish bank repossessions. The guide will cove the following and is a result of almost a decade in Overseas property:


Setting naming your website

Setting up your website

Social Media

Telephone and contact details

Sourcing properties for your website

Spanish Bank repossessions

Alternative and other investments

Getting clients and CRM

Additional sources of income

Obtaining staff cheaply

The guide is backed up by email support in order to help you succeed on either a full or part time basis. Set up costs can be from just a few hundred pounds/dollars/euros, but a larger budget will see gains quickly. A budget of about £300-£500 and then a marketing budget to buy in leads should see you grow organically on a part time basis. This can be operated from anywhere in the world from your back bedroom or dedicated office.