App Store Sniper – Mobile App Optimization Secrets Revealed (2017 Edition): Learn app marketing and optimize your apps/games today with this step by step … Guide/Handbook(No Blackhat, Whitehat Only)

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Okay. So what on earth is App Store Sniper anyway?

Well, I’m not in the armed forces or anything. No, I’m an ASO Sniper!
I zoom in’ on a niche within a niche, target a very specific keyword and build an ASO campaign dedicated to it. I target these keywords and optimize my apps with such precision, that Apple is almost forced into giving me a high ranking.

I don’t try to create super high-quality apps (although I do have a couple), instead, I create simple apps. Sometimes they are even multiple apps within the same niche.


  1. First of all, because it works like charm, very well in fact.
  2. And secondly, it means you won’t have to do any of the usual tedious work, spend so much money, that’s associated with creating ASO (App Store optimization) based apps. That’s right. You don’t need to do so much app promotions or endless marketing campaigns here.

It’s a sort of set and forget approach… You build the app once and get a continuous flow of traffic to your app from Apple for months, and even years to come in return.

Cool eh?

It’s possible because we’ve built an entire app around a set of keywords. Essentially, we’re shoving so much of the same keyword down Apple’s throat, and we’ve “shoved” it down there in such a strategic way, that they are almost forced into giving us a high ranking on our chosen keywords.
And most importantly, I’ve found that building a few more similar apps is a hell of a lot quicker and a better use of time (more profitable) than building a single authority app.

But here’s what’s going to sound a little weird about the whole process…

You might expect that you’d have to build hundreds of these reskinned apps to make a good income online, but that’s simply not the case.

These apps don’t make pennies. We’ll leave the other niche marketers to fight over the low volume “garbage” keywords.

We’re building high traffic here, high revenue apps. In fact, I’d say my success rate of making a successful app’ (one that pulls in at least $500 a month) is about 75%. Because not only does App Store sniping work – it works consistently.

Truthfully, I’ve made what many would consider a lot of money online almost exclusively from repeating this exact process… and I don’t have that many apps.

Special thanks to my mentor Gabriel Machuret of ASO Agency!

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Spritech(TM) Luxury Bling Rhinestone Design Love Heart Decor Smart-shell Stand Cover for Amazon Kindle Fire 7 inch Display Tablet (5th Generation – 2015 Release Only)

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