Network Marketing Relaunch: 21 Breakthrough Strategies to Build Your Personality, Relationship Skills and Motivational Fire

Grow into new and definite success as a person and professional in Network Marketing and overcome obstacles that have stopped you so far. The 21 breakthrough strategies shown in “Network Marketing Relaunch” help you step-by-step to build up yourself, your life, your leadership, your relationships, your business, your team/organization and your finances in a stringent, convincing and effective process. Do you want to live the extraordinary life? Then you find the ticket for the journey of your life in this book!

Many Network Marketers fail because
>> They don’t have the motivation fire to fuel themselves and their team
>> They don’t know how to combine all the core network marketing skills into the complete cycle of network marketing
>> They don’t have sufficient time management – their life is cluttered with many distractions
>> They lack financial skills and cannot resist spending too much money
>> They don’t know how to deal with their repeating patterns and overcome them
>> They don’t develop sufficient skills in appreciating and leading their team
>> They don’t have an adequate travel schedule
>> They don’t have the set up in their home and home office to attract abundance
>> They lack energy and influence
>> They need to attract personalities into their team who are bigger than themselves

“Network Marketing Relaunch” is a solution for all of these challenges because if you RELAUNCH you will

>> Start creating a simple and executable plan for yourself and your team
>> Start attracting big calibre people into your team
>> Bring real leadership to your team
>> Fire up your motivation to propel yourself and your team forward
>> Use complete checklists to all necessary network marketing skills (provided in the book)
>> Overcome limiting patterns that so far were holding you back
>> Gain the energy needed for going the whole way
>> Master the 5-step process of manifesting what you want and what you need
>> Become able to differentiate between the important and the unimportant
>> Spend more time in alpha brain waves needed for deep, creative, strategic thinking
>> Learn to build wealth and abundance instead of wasting money energy
>> Do all this and more by following the 21 strategy process

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Master Self-Discipline: Simple and Effective Steps to Develop Self Discipline, Get Organized, and Make Things Happen! (Self Confidence, Self Control, Willpower, … Motivational and Inspirational Book 1)

Master Self-Discipline with 9-step formula and harness your greatness!

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A Proven 9-Step formula To Teach You How To Develop Self Discipline, Get Organized and Make Things Happen. Take Control Of Your Life And Achieve Everything You’ve Ever Dreamed of by mastering self discipline!


Why do we need to master self discipline? Or why is self discipline so important in life? These are the questions I asked myself when I was in college. I did my research and found that every successful person on this planet is master of self discipline. They know exactly what they need to do and when. It’s very simple- when you are self disciplined then you are conscious. You are focused, and spend your time and energy on activities which you must do. That results in success which boosts your confidence, build willpower and harness your greatness

So, I challenge you to challenge yourself, master self discipline and harness your greatness TODAY!

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn in this book:

  • What is self discipline and why is it so important in our life?
  • How to identify behaviors in need of change to master self discipline?
  • How to create and stick to your self discipline plan?
  • How to develop a routine which will transform your life?
  • How to first gain and then master your self discipline and consequently willpower?
  • Why is self discipline the only key to success in life?
  • 30-Day challenge

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