Make Money Online – Exactly how I Make over $3,000 Monthly selling Products on Etsy, Tophatter & eBay!

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This book is created for anyone that is looking for a work at home job, that will earn more money than most people make with their 9-5 jobs! This book is for any Entrepreneur that wants to start a Home Based Business selling online! Absolutely anyone can follow my detailed Step by Step plan to start up your own home based E-Commerce business making over $3,000 a month selling products or services such as handmade jewelry, crafts, iPod covers, Coach purses and more using the most popular retail selling websites like Etsy, eBay, Fiverr and! I explain in detail how to sell on each one of these websites, what to sell and where to get the products. Online small business entrepreneurs should not only sell products online, but should sell with passion and Niche keyword marketing that works in today’s economy. This book can help you find your Niche!

I will show you how to start your Ecommerce small business online without any money down and how to find the Hottest selling products. You will learn Secrets including researching the top selling products, critical keywords, crowd-funding, and a Bonus wholesale resource guide. This eBook covers every aspect of getting started, choosing the hot selling products, social marketing, and so much more.

I have read many books about selling products on websites like where most of the book will never apply to your business. This book really gets down to the important steps, concise, detailed instructions on how to succeed and most importantly, what not to do. You will find this to be Fresh, new information that will truly kick start your business.
Not only do you get the eBook, but you also get a link to the matching website which has tons of product photos, links to top selling products, links to supplies and so much more!

This is an Interactive eBook with a link to an exclusive website filled with product links, photos, examples and more! The website is current and updated weekly as of November 2, 2013.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Desire, Intention and Passion to start your business
Chapter 2. Determine Daily Start up Income & Kickstarter campaigns
Chapter 3. Let’s Start Building your Business!
Chapter 4. Setting up Essentials like & Paypal
Chapter 5. Where to get Your Products, (hot-selling & trending items)
Chapter 6. Attractive Professional Photos Clicks & Tricks
Chapter 7. Keyword Rich Etsy Descriptions Secrets
Chapter 8. Heart Tugging Blog Marketing Strategy
Chapter 9. Etsy Secrets & Success in a Nut Shell
Chapter 10. eBay Secrets & Success in a Nut Shell
Chapter 11. Tophatter Secrets & Success in a Nut Shell
Chapter 12. Social Media Fast Track
Chapter 13. Create a Website for Residual Income & AFF. Income
Chapter 14. Using Keyword Niche Marketing – Find Your Niche!

Plus a Bonus! Hot Selling Products List & Wholesale Resource Guide Complete access to Matching Website for Support and more!

Your opportunity is waiting! This book will become your top online selling guide with the best on the top Retail websites including Etsy, eBay and This will become your most valuable Online Selling Resource!

Dominate Upwork: Tips, hacks and strategies to increase your monthly income on the world’s biggest freelancing platform

Do you want to make more money on Upwork?

The world’s biggest freelancing platform is full of opportunity to make $1,000s each month in a huge variety of fields.

I’ve been on Upwork for over 4 years (back when it was eLance and oDesk) as both a client and a freelancer.

I’ve bid and won countless jobs and have enough repeat business and private job invites where I rarely have to apply to public jobs any more.

But don’t worry – I started out just like you.

My profile was full of mistakes, I would bid on 30 jobs and win none of them, and I never received a single job invite in my first 2 years on the site.

Because I was doing it all wrong.

In this guide, I lay out the steps that I took to go from making $54 a month to making enough money to quit my corporate job and live full time off my Upwork earnings.

You’ll learn

  • How I get 50-100x more profile views than the average Upwork freelancer
  • How to write job proposals that get you chosen ahead of 50 other candidates
  • How to spot bad clients and avoid wasting your time bidding on their jobs
  • The hidden advantage of being “Top Rated” that Upwork doesn’t tell you about
  • How I turned a $220 job into $9,000 worth of recurring work

All for the price of a latte.

If you want to uncover a smarter and more efficient way to become a highly paid freelancer, then this is the book for you.

Remember, if you win just one $5 job after purchasing this guide, you’ve already made a positive return on your investment.

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HOW TO MAKE MONEY: 21 Creative Part-Time Jobs You Can Work from Home to Increase Your Monthly Income

People all over the world are tired of living paycheck to paycheck stressed out about how they are going to pay their bills, medical expenses, student loans, and meet their monthly budget. While at the same time trying to proactively save for an emergency fund, investment portfolio, and build a secure financial future. Whether you’re a young adult, full-time parent, or a tenured working professional- I invite you to download the eBook “How to Make Money: 21 Creative Part-Time Jobs You Can Work from Home to Increase Your Monthly Income” all for less than a cup of premium coffee!


In my ebook I will show you over 20+ online magazines that pay well for articles written. If you dont know how to write, just simply outsource it and pocket the balance.

These are not writing jobs where you get peanuts for lots of work done. And remember as I said, you can decide not to write a word because I will show where to get top quality articles written for as low as $6 and get paid as high as $30 – $150 for the same articles you got for $6. In short one of the sites below will pay you $25 for 250 word articles.

All you need is an understanding of their writing guidelines and who and where to outsource the job. Check below for example of a writing guideline.
Writing guidelines:

We like straightforward, clear writing similar to what you would find in a good newspaper. If you are working on a computer, send your article, and any photos/graphics on a CD or DVD as well as on paper. Please state what program you used to write the article. We prefer MSWord or WordPerfect, but can convert articles from almost any Windows compatible program.

Do not indent paragraphs, double space between sentences, center titles or headings, use italics, or use any other type of formatting as it may interfere with our ability to transfer your file into our desktop publisher.

If you are sending typed articles, send us the original, not a photocopy.

No simultaneous submissions. That means, do not submit your article to more than one publisher at a time.


Photos, drawings, or diagrams should accompany a manuscript whenever possible. Your article is more likely to be used and will command higher payment if accompanied by high quality illustrations and/or graphics. High quality digital photos and drawings in TIFF, JPG, PNG, or GIF format may be attached to emailed articles.

DO NOT send the only copy of a rare or irreplaceable photo, drawing, manuscript, etc. Accidents happen. Mail gets lost. Have copies made to send us. Better yet, scan them at 300 dpi and send them on disk. ……Magazine is not and will not be responsible for any loss of or damage to submitted materials.


Write as much as you need to cover the subject, but don’t “pad” your article. We do not pay according to length. We appreciate concise writing, but we want the whole story. If you are giving directions on building something, supply complete step-by-step instructions. Our readers want to know how to do things, not just that it is possible to do something. Sources of tools, materials, and further information should accompany your article.

Payment ranges from $40 to $200 per article, payable upon acceptance.

The easier you make it to use your writing, the more likely we are to accept it.

Submitting / Acceptance / Return of Materials:
Via email
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How to Get Free Money: The Perfect Ways to Boost Your Monthly Income

“I bought this book because over the last few years I have been drowning in debt and couldn’t see a way out. After the first few chapters I had already come away with a few techniques on how to get out of debt so now I am going to put these into practice. Well worth the read.” (Steve, P.)
“This little book is very well-written and professionally presented, which makes it stand head and shoulders above the crowd of amateurish efforts which pervade Kindle publishing. This book was very thought provoking. I’m seriously tempted to buy his more Xavier Zimms books. I recommend this to anyone interested in business.” (Meghan, G.)

“Who would have thought that Xavier Zimms has such good common sense? Every young person should read this practical, wise, easy to understand book. Excellent and worth an evening.” (Jessie, M.)

The title of this ebook seems too good to be true. There is no such thing as free money, right? WRONG!

There are many, many ways to supplement your income with little or no investment of any kind on your part. You have the means to start earning more on your person, in your house and may already have valuable “job experience” you don’t realize.

What am I talking about? Well, you can sell your body parts! Yes!You can safely and legally sell things you were born with. How To Get Free Money will tell you how.

Look around your house and yard. Everybody has excess stuff they aren’t using. Well, you’ve heard the old saying; “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” right? Don’t toss treasure. The on-line market place is a gold mine. Read about the goods and services you can provide and the sites to sell them in this handy money gathering guide.

How can the spare cash you picked up in high school help you now? It can. You have job experience that you probably don’t even consider, but could turn into steady cash flow without costing you anything and allow you to set your own hours.

You went to college, you have a career, and that means you probably have valuable skills others would pay good money to learn. Even your gardening or cake-decorating hobby can become the means to earning more and it’s something you already know how to do and enjoy. Share it with others and make money doing it.

We could all use a little extra money, but working two jobs with a family and having a social life makes it impossible. How To Get Free Money will show you very practical easy ways to earn a little extra money with ideas you have probably never even thought of.

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Make money online: A simple proven model on how to generate $5000+ monthly passive online income in less than 5- 10 months: Grow your income

Here is an obvious but untapped method you could use to make money on the internet

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So you click on this simple because you want to know if making money online is just a myth or its cut out for a selected few of internet marketing giants who

rake in thousands a month like leaves


Well the truth is that making money online isn’t easy but it’s certainly not that hard at all. People really over complicate things sometimes and I truly understand because I was in that same category couple years ago.

There are so many ways to make money online that it’s really mouthwatering when you think about it. But at the same time there are so many ways to lose money as well. As a beginner there are so many shiny objects out there and at times it can overwhelm and even discourage you from trying to grow your income on the internet.

As an internet hustler, over the years I have seen online businesses come and go and I have been able to adapt. The method that you will find is book is very simple but it’s going to really take a lot of work and persistence. But the good thing is that this model is tested and proven.

A lot of persons have found a lot of success using it and now they are earning a stable online income every month. Some of my most successful students are now making up to 20k in cash.

Here’s some nuggets of what you’ll find in this book…

Here’s some of what you’ll find in this book…

  • Finding a viable market(you will get a lot of examples of market you could enter in)
  • Contacting your customers and getting a sale
  • Creating a customer avatar
  • Learning a skill(You will get to know about the main skill this model will require)
  • Where and how to sell your service
  • Hiring virtual assistants
  • Scaling up the business for huge profits
  • Plus much, much more!

This model is also beginner friendly as well because as long you learn the skill all you have to do is contact the clients and sell your skill to them which is super easy. If you are currently at your job and you are worrying about time. That should be the least of your problem because this model is flexible enough for that.

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Using Entrepreneurship to Prepare for Retirement: Building Passive Monthly Incomes for Your Later Years (Social Media Strategy – The Workshop Series Book 3)

Using Entrepreneurship to Prepare for Retirement has been written to achieve two goals.

Goal One: To raise awareness as to the need for most of us to take preparation for our financial well being seriously as many of us reach retirement without actually being able to retire. Our government retirement pensions just don’t provide enough for us to survive on and live comfortably once we reach this age. Through this book’s pages, I show you what to look forward to in retirement and how you will struggle and possibly be forced to continue to work throughout your retirement years just to be able to survive from day to day.

But this book is not written with the goal of stressing you out about your future. It is written with a view to helping you strategize how to change the above scenario to a much better reality. By starting now – basically ahead of your retirement years, you can through starting an at-home business, give yourself a much more comfortable retirement reality. Throughout the book, I show you a number of ways that you can earn extra income – predominately online. These incomes, by the way, can grow so significantly for you after even just a few years, that you may well be able to retire well ahead of the government’s plan for you to retire sometime in your sixties.

There is a lot of life you can grab out there with just a little extra work during the years that you have the energy available to you to put in the extra effort. I can show you how to get started. Within these pages, I discuss to significant levels of depth, a number of ways you can make money online so you have more information available to pick directional business directions that suit your skills and temperament and so you can get started on your new business venture.

Already retired and possibly struggling financially? This book is for you as well. You may be starting late in life but through this book you will learn ways to start earning income in even just a few short months. Incomes that can make your current existence easier.

So be sure to grab this book and make your way through it. There is a lot of solid content in here and for just a few dollars spent, it very seriously could change your entire financial future. I look forward to seeing you on the inside!

Best wishes, – Dan Grijzenhout

$10K+ Monthly with Homeaway Booking Sales!: Step by step guide on how to make huge profits as a sales associate in the vacation rental industry.

I believe that almost anything you want to achieve, someone else already achieved it, know how to achieve it, or achieved something very similar, and can help you / mentor you / give you some highly effective tips in order to get your goals.
My experience from living an independent lifestyle making my money online for sure has given me the existential and financial freedom I was looking for. Truth is also that some work with a mix of commercial smartness is necessary. I believe it gives independent entrepreneurship the necessary spice to grow.
Making huge profits with vacation properties that are operated by someone else really makes this business sweet to handle.
As opposed to spam opportunities that promise right away easy money this business option takes 3 to 4 weeks’ setup but secures a real long lasting business platform!
The best part of it: All you need to do is list properties on Homeaway and sell bookings, someone else takes care of the guests!
This book is an easy step by step guide to show you how to succeed making online rental profits from commission payouts with vacation properties you partner with!