How to Start a Home-based Massage Therapy Business (Home-Based Business Series)

Massage therapists need basic, practical business advice such as low to mid-cost marketing techniques, taxes, and recordkeeping, but there is also no denying the benefits of ?been there, done that” information that can only come from someone else’s experience. How to Start a Home-based Massage Therapy Business offers a gold mine of tips and ideas that can lessen the learning curve, stimulate thinking outside-the-box, and increase the odds of having a wildly successful practice.

Earth Therapeutics Reflexology Foot Massage Lotion

Reflexology resides in the belief that the feet contain “reflex” pressure points that mirror the pressure points located throughout the entire body, and that by massaging and manipulating the reflex points in the feet, vital “chi” energy is harmonized throughout the entire body as well. This results in a variety of therapeutic benefits, such as increased blood circulation, revitalized energy, and stress reduction.
Formulated to enrich and enhance all the health benefits of reflexology, this holistic foot massage treatment contains a relaxing, mind calming infusion of aromatherapeutic lavender blended into a natural greaseless base that allows the hands to glide easily over the feet. Wild Mint stimulates circulation to revive, while healing, purifying Australian Tea Tree Oil and nourishing botanicals provides the added benefit of conditioning and softening dry, damaged skin and calluses.

Product Features

  • increases blood circulation, revitalizes energy
  • reduces stress through mind-calming infusion of aromatherapeutic scents
  • natural, greaseless lotion with NO mineral oil
  • conditions and softens dry skin and calluses

Marketing For Mobile Massage Therapist’s

This book is great for either new or established mobile massage therapists that want to grow their massage therapy business. If you want to know how to build your mobile massage therapy business and gain new clients and also learn about marketing techniques then this book is definitely for you.

I have packed my whole 15 years of experience and techniques that I have used in my business into this little book. I cover everything on how to get new clients, marketing techniques with examples, how to use Facebook to get new clients and much, much more.