How To Create Network Marketing Leads with Online & Offline Classified Ads (Network Marketing/MLM Lead Generation Book 4)

In this book, you will learn how Dale Calvert and many of his students and team members have been getting paid everytime they create a new lead for their business and how you can to.

You will learn why you should never spend money on network marketing leads and how you can start today earning $1.00, $5.00, $10.00 or more for every new mlm lead you produce for your business.

How to Create Network Marketing Leads with Post Cards (Network Marketing/MLM Lead Generation Book 5)

Network Marketing Legend, Dale Calvert, has been using postcard marketing for over 25 years to market product, services and business opportunities.

In this book, Dale will share with you why this method is more powerful today than it ever has been and will share with you some of his most successful post card mailing campaigns.

Additionally, you will learn how to compile your own mailing list and where to find the most responsive mailing lists in the market.