5 Low Cost Business Ideas for Work at Home Parents (5 Simple Money Machines)

If you could give up your commute to and from your job and work at home now, would you do it? Work at home parents are in the enviable postion of being able to set their own timetable.. This book outlines 5 low cost home based business ideas (+3 bonus ideas) that can be the start of you becoming a Work at Home Mom (or Dad…).

Automatic ATM Profits: How You Can Generate Boatloads of Passive Income By Owning Your Own ATM Machines and Living the Life You Choose


The no-nonsense introduction to passive income and owning ATM machines!

Passive income = making money while you sleep. When you discover passive income you will realize how it can change your life.

This ebook will explain passive income and how you can achieve boatloads of passive income. Ultimately, passive income will allow you to live the life you choose!

Dear Future ATM Business Owner,

Have you ever used an ATM machine before? How did you feel when you got dinged with that surcharge fee? It mad you angry, right?

What if I told you that by implementing this system, you can get paid every time someone uses YOUR ATM machine?

What if I told you that by implementing this system, you can own ATMs that create boatloads of passive income for you so that you can ultimately fire your boss and spend more time with family and friends?

Imagine making anywhere from $3,000 – $5,000 just by owning ATM machines. What would it be like to have that kind of cash flow? How would that change your life?

Starting an ATM Business is by far the simplest passive income strategy that I know.

Here are just some of the reasons while you’ll love owning your own ATM business:

1. No Experience Necessary. You don’t have to have been in the ATM business before, or in banking before or in any type of business before for that matter.

2. Low Cash Investment. You can get involved in the ATM business for little to none of your own money. Yes, it’s true. A little extra work on your part is involved though if you want to get involved with zero of your own money.

3. Low Time Investment. You can literally accomplish the most important step in your ATM business in 1 minute and 10.8 seconds! Because of this you can get started no matter what is going on in your life currently…….you can get started in the ATM business even if you currently have a full-time job and a family to take care of!

4. Unlimited Profit Potential. You have no boss putting a cap on your income when you are an ATM business owner. Your income is up to you.

5. Make Money While You Sleep. You will literally learn how to make money while doing less work. Working smart instead of hard will be something that becomes your new motto. Listen, I’m not saying there is NO work involved as an ATM business owner, but you will definitely learn to work smart instead of hard and you will make money while you sleep.

Introducing…..Automatic ATM Profits:
How You Can Generate Boatloads of Passive Income By Owning Your Own ATM Machines and Living the Life You Choose.

In this book you will learn:

? What exactly is passive income – I’ll show you exactly what passive income is and how anyone, even you, can generate some
? Different passive income strategies – I’ll share with you a few passive income strategies that you can use along with your ATM business if you so choose
? How much passive income ATM machines can make month after month after month
? Who you need on your ATM team to be successful – and to not do everything yourself
? The exact equipment you will need for your ATM business – besides an ATM, of course
? The most profitable ATM business model for you
? The best ways that you can use today to find locations to place your ATM in
? 5 strategies to get started in the ATM business that require none of your money
? Setting goals for your ATM business
? Plus more…

Now if you were to put a price on this strategy… it’s worth several hundred dollars at least. As a matter of fact, once you place your first ATM and you see how much it brings you every month for the rest of your life…..you may just feel guilty for how little you paid for this information and you may want to cut me an additional check! (You honestly don’t need to though, promise.)

I’m holding out my hand to you right now and introducing you to an opportunity that most people don’t even know exists. I will walk you through it step by step and help you to take control of your TIME and FINANCIAL Freedom.