How to Flood Your Lawn Mowing Business With Customers: Lawn Care Quick Start Guide


Now You Can Start Your Lawn Mowing Business in Record Time!!

The first thing you need to know before reading on, is the author of this ground breaking marketing book for lawn mowing companies generated 935 job leads in 8 months, with a 70% conversion rate into new customers!

If you give 2 start-up mowing businesses the same equipment, same car, same budget… who will get off to a quicker start and make more money?


If you don’t study marketing and learn the easiest way to get customers in the lawn care business, then you’ll get knocked off the playing field from any competitors who do take the time to learn marketing tricks & tips. This e-manual is NOT one of those ebooks that tells you how to get insurance, get a logo, what mower to buy etc… this ebook focuses on how to get customers in the fastest possible time! Your brain should slip into ‘idea overload’ after you get through the chapters!

The bottom line with this business is that the numbers work, and when you factor in the lifestyle it can offer, then it’s even more attractive. Advertising is most likely to be the biggest expense in this business, and that can potentially slash your profit margins if not done correctly… but after you read this manual you may not need to spend much money on advertising at all.


Here’s some of what you will learn:

One tip in the ebook outlines how to double your income from the same amount of clients! This marketing idea is really important and adds massive value to your business.

Another thought: Would a smart lawn mowing business owner stick a flyer in the letterbox of every home he passes with long grass? NO NO NO… there is a very clever way to increase the probabilities of securing clients in this scenario. All is revealed in the ebook. (Really simple idea that you probably haven’t thought of!)

Question: Is it worth talking to a home owner with a ‘for sale’ sign out the front of their house about cutting their lawn? Not really, it’s only got the potential to be a one-off mow right? No way… this idea will turn your whole marketing brain upside down and you’ll quickly work out how to convert them into a secure one year contract… even when they sell the home. This requires ‘outside the box’ thinking which I have done for you… along with a sample flyer.

Securing jobs over the phone: If you are simply asking lawn size, length of grass etc when the client calls, you will get left behind. In this e-book you get a word-for-word script that will almost shock you when you read it, but once you understand why you are asking these questions then your conversions will naturally increase over the competitors. Keep in mind most customers will get a couple of quotes, so you need to ‘stand out from the crowd’. Learn how in this ebook.

Chapter 13 outlines a sample one page letter that I tested in just 32 letterboxes in one street… and booked in 7 jobs. Another idea outside the box that works.

Sample follow up email to send to your clients to generate referrals and more!