How to Work from Home & Quit Your Day Job: Business Ideas to Help You Quit Your Job. Service Freelancing & Online Selling.

Start a New Part-Time Income Source and Earn Passive Income Working at Home.

How to Start Working from Home Even Without Experience, Expertise, Capital or Technical Skills

Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn:

– The 4 step process from going to clueless newbie freelancer to finally be making extra income while working at home
– How to find the best and most profitable categories
– My personal top 8 categories to sell into
– How to confirm the market size and profitability
– How to find the keywords people are searching to find your service
– The “extra gig” profit maximizer than you can apply to increase the value of your average customer
– How to create a high converting product listing step by step
– The entire process of upselling and why you should do it… these simple tricks can easily double or triple your income.

– How to find the best niches (topics) for selling tshirts
– How to confirm market size and profitability in 5 minutes or less
– How to use the power of hashtags to get thousands of followers fast!
– How to find inspiration for your first design
– The blackhat method that will give you hundreds of possible new design without a single cent on design cost
– How to set up your sales listing for maximum sales conversion
– 2 Ways to find awesome designers
– The types of content that you should do
– What apps to use for your content creation
– The exact product promotion strategy that will NOT annoy your followers

You have two choices right now.

1 – You can “trial and error” your way to success, and waste time and money in the process (lame is you ask me).

2 – You can learn from my own experience, follow a step by step instruction and achieve success 3x faster!


Choose Today!

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Income Source: How to Earn Money Online Even If You Have a Full-Time Job. YouTube & Teespring Bundle.

Learn 2 Business Ideas to Help You Go from Hating Your Day Job to Loving Your Business!

Who Else Wants to Create a New Source of Income Outside a Day Job?

Inside you’ll discover:

– How to find the best products that are guaranteed best-sellers!
– The point criteria to follow so you’ll only sell products that are HOT and are more likely to sell itself
– The one thing that every product should have before you promote it
– The tools that you need to create your video review… it’s mostly FREE
– How to structure the content of your product review…STEP BY STEP
– This one trick that will increase your affiliate link click through by over 30%
– The guidelines to follow when you upoad your video
– How to rank your video on Youtube and Google for less than the price of your cofee budget!
– Some examples of real-life product reviews that are still killing it even after 1 or 4 years!

– The exact step by step process of making money via teespring & nba
– How to find the best nba teams or players
– The 2 criteria that you should follow when choosing the team you want to promote
– How to find the best quality designers for as cheap as possible
– How to run facebook ads for as low as $5
– The best tips to follow to have a more profitable teespring business in the long run



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Leave The Grind Behind: Rocket fuel to live life on your terms. Make more money, build your legacy, and quit your job.


“Move over Tim Ferriss, there’s a refreshed approach to unshackling yourself from the grueling busy-work of the grind.” – Matthew Hart – Author and CTO Arise Virtual Solutions

Leave The Grind Behind is for anyone who has built a good career, is probably comfortable, yet has an itch—a realization—that there is more to life.

This book is dedicated to all those ready to forge their own path, get more out of life, and burn their imprint on the world. You want more money, more freedom, and to build your own legacy. Perhaps you want to carve a future by leveraging your talents to freelance, consult, or become an entrepreneur.

Leave The Grind Behind is packed with actions, habits, and tools that will enable your success and explode your results. It will help you build the legacy you envisioned yourself leaving. You will develop a plan for leaving the grind behind, execute on that plan, and do so with minimal risk.

Time is your most valuable asset. Spending the majority of your waking time working for someone else’s dream won’t let you achieve the life you want. You’ll end up as just another cog in the daily grind, working for an upper-middle class salary with no real end in sight. Your own dreams are fading… but you’re not ready to go down without a fight.

If this sounds like you, you’re ready for more in life than just a job. You’re ready to venture into a realm that will be more rewarding, more exciting, and more personal. You’re ready for something that will make you a fortune.

Leave The Grind Behind is for you if you want to…

  • Quit your day job and follow your passions to become a consultant, a freelancer, or an entrepreneur.
  • Be a rock star at the job you already have, opening your career wide.
  • Identify your personal and professional goals, then design your life around them.
  • Reduce the risk of doing something big.
  • Create new revenue streams while working your current job… or not.
  • Purchase investment properties.
  • Complete that passion project on the side.
  • Write a book.
  • Provide for yourself and your family without compromise.
  • Live a superior life directed by you rather than someone else.
  • Enjoy freedom and the best things life has to offer.
  • Leave a legacy.

    Leave The Grind Behind will inspire you to leave the daily grind and start a life in which you drive the results. A life in which you:

  • Earn money via multiple channels.
  • Are in control of your time.
  • Do things you enjoy.
  • Leave a legacy that makes you proud.

    It can be a daunting proposition to completely kick your job and spend as much time as you want on projects that excite you. If you’re not quite ready to go all in, this book will give you plenty of guidance and inspiration to get you started.

    To start an excellent, scalable business, you’re probably looking at a couple of years of tremendously hard work with little return and no guarantee. If you already have a solid job, a mortgage, and a family to support, you know that immediately jumping into the deep end is just too risky. But, that doesn’t need to stop you.

    There is no shortage of self-help, personal development, and get-rich books on the market. And that’s great. Life is a journey, and we all need fresh sources of inspiration and ideas to keep ourselves motivated and challenged. This book provides that for you. But it can do something more.

    Many books come from authors who’ve had one particularly large success. Leave the Grind Behind provides a more generally accessible path. You won’t necessarily learn how to be a one time success, but rather to consistently find one success after the next. You’ll get the tools to achieve repeated excellence.

  • Extra Income Formula: 2 Ways to Make Extra Income Outside Your Day Job… Affiliate Launch Marketing & Selling Digital Service on Fiverr

    Create a Business That Can Give You Part-Time Income Outside Your Day Job!


    What you’ll discover:

    – How to take advantage of the hundreds of product launches happening right now
    – Why product bonuses are key to making a lot of product sales without extra effort in selling
    – How to create a website that will convert
    – How to write a REAL and GENUINE product review that customers like
    – Example of websites that made a killing though this method of affiliate marketing
    – How to rank your website on Google without much effort from your part!

    – How to find services to resell
    – The exact services to sell (my suggestions)
    – How to create a product listing that sells your services fast
    – How to confirm service profitability in 5 minutes or less
    – How to upsell customers so you can earn 5x more
    – How to drive traffic to your listing for free
    – Examples of listings that are killing it right now. Copy these listings and watch your conversion increase!


    Say No to A 9-5 Job: 2 Awesome Ways to Make Money Outside a 9-5 Job. Amazon Book Publishing & Fiverr Freelancing

    Attention:People Who Are Tired of Their Job and Wants to Work from Home Instead

    Here are 2 Online Business Blueprint Any Newbies Can Implement!

    * How to outsource your book cover for as cheap as possible… without the quality suffering!
    * How to choose a topic that is guaranteed to be profitable
    * How to outline your book from start to finish
    * How to write your book fast!
    * A book template to follow for your own mini-book series
    * What is What, Why & How Formula for writing a book fast!
    * How to publish your book from start to finish
    * How to market your books so you’ll make 10x as much money!

    * What exact services to sell for maximum profits
    * How to create a product listing that trumps other sellers
    * The super simple formula for selling on video
    * Ways to get your first few customers
    * Do this one thing that can make or break your online business…it’s either $50 profit…or $500.



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    3 Alternatives to a Day Job: 3 Ways to Make Money Outside Your Day Job. Start Blogging, Selling Dropship Products or Freelancing on Fiverr

    Three Ways to Make Extra Income Outside Your 9 to 5!


    Inside you’ll get:


    – How to choose a profitable topic to blog in

    – How to create a wordpress blog from a to z

    – The plug ins you need to isntall to maximize SEO power

    – The exact SEO checklist I use in all of my websites

    – How to apply some seo tactics to help your website get index and rank in Google (so people can discover your blog)

    – How to create a 4 month content strategy for your new blog

    – Example of a content strategy to copy


    – How to choose a profitable product to sell

    – How to never worry about inventories ever again

    – The only 3 criteria that will guarantee that you’ll only choose awesome products to sell

    – How to sell your products via FREE Facebook fan page marketing

    – How to apply some ninja SEO tactics to rank your website faster on Google and get more customers online!

    – How to fulfill customers orders fast!


    – The exact services to choose for maximum profitability

    – How to provide the service without really knowing anything about it

    – How to upsell the customers so you can turn $5 into a $50-$300 service (easiest sale you’ll ever make)

    – Where to outsource your services s you don’t have to provide the service yourself

    – How to easily find clients

    – How to post a proper service listing on Fiverr

    Learn How to Implement The Lessons Today!

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    Passive Income: How to work from home and QUIT your job. (Ideas,Multiple streams of income) (Passive Income, Work From Home, Quit Your Job, Multiple Income … Self Employed, Entrepreneur, Quit Your Job)

    These are steps on creating passive income using multiple streams of income! Finally quit your job!

    Right now, get this on Amazon for just $0.99.

    Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

    You’re about to discover top rated and proven businesses that you can start. These ideas will allow you to build multiple streams of income and say goodbye to your job. Live the American dream, be your own boss, do what YOU want to do and live every day. Get what you need now in this ebook for ONLY .99 through Amazon.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    Passive income gives you freedom. You are no longer tied to a place such as an office as you can get on with other aspects of life as well. This is particularly important for the person who values their independence without having to answer to someone at work. You will be able to pursue your other interests this way, since you are not tied to an office somewhere, in order to make an earning. This is why it is possible that one can have several streams of income as they are able to channel their efforts into diverse ways to make money.

    There are fewer or no costs involved in a passive income. You no longer have to go to company lunches or spend money for gas going to work, among other things. Forget formal dressing that people going to offices have to dress in as well as you can go about life dressed the way you like. This is undisputedly a great advantage for anyone who wishes to cut back on living costs while still earning an income. Even though you might be required to pay tax for some forms of passive income, the cost is far below what is paid earning an active income.

    You might still require keeping books for your passive income but that can be delegated to other people or technology. This is solely for the purpose of keeping track of business and that is done every once in a while. These are but a few of the advantages you get to enjoy with passive income coming through regularly.

    Now that you have an idea of what passive income is all about and how it can work for you here are some great passive ideas for you to consider.

    Multiple streams of income is a huge factor when working from home. This is for two reasons. The first important reason is because this will act as a back up. If you have 3 businesses running and one of them slows down or starts to not earn you any income, you will still have your other sources to back you up. The other reason to have multiple income streams is obvious, more money. Just remember when trying to setup multiple streams of income, always finish a businesses and get it up and running while making you money. I would suggest to start a business and keep working at it until it allows you to start earning at least 10% each month of your current monthly income. Then you can go on to other ventures and build each business, one at a time.

    Below you will find some great and top passive income streams that will allow you to get moving on making you a full time income from home and allow you to quit your job …. let’s get started!

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    Extra Money Masterclass: 2 Ways to Earn Extra Income Outside Your 9 to 5 Job… Fiverr Selling & Publishing Short Books on Amazon

    How to Make Extra Money from Home

    Inside this bundle you’ll learn:

    Ultimate Fiverr’s Guide for Newbies

    – How to set up your account properly

    – 7 reasons why you should start freelancing on Fiverr

    – How to find the best profitable services to offer

    – A list of the most bought service on Fiverr

    – How to set up your gig listing and create a sales letter that converts viewers into customers!

    – How to go from earning $30 to $1,000 per month with the power of the upsell

    – How to expand beyond Fiverr

    – A list of the best freelancing services to expand with

    Mini Book Profits

    – How the “chicken soup for the soul” series will help you make a lot of money on Amazon

    – The entire step by step process of how to write, publish and sell ebooks online

    – How to find the most profitable sub-topics

    – How to outline your book in 20 minutes

    – How to write your book the easy way

    – How to outsource your book cover in 5 minutes or less

    – How to publish your book the right way

    – How to promote your books for free

    Download your copy and learn how to make extra income today!