Introductory Book: Advantage Meal Solutions Success Plan: One of the most affordable home-based cooking self-employment opportunities you will ever find.

With this introductory book, you have a chance to understand the Meal Solutions Business Model that we created before you invest significant time or resources to start your own business. When you decide to become self-employed, Advantage Meal Solutions is ready to assist with a very affordable and proven Success Plan. Your new business can reward you with a steady income, an unparalleled quality of life, and a sense of pride that the service your family business offers makes your community a better place to live. We know that this can work for your family, because it has already worked for ours.

Happy Customers, Happy Profits: The Introductory Guide to Selling Used Books on Amazon

This book is intended for NEW Amazon sellers and does not include any information regarding Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) or Seller Fulfilled Prime.

Most ‘how to make money’ eBooks begin by telling you, in great detail, how you can make enormous sums of money while sitting at home in your pyjamas. This eBook, Happy Customers, Happy Profits, does not. It makes no unrealistic promises and is unpretentiously stuffed with a detailed, practical blueprint to help you start a very real, profitable, and fun, part-time business from home. From the first page, right to the last, you are taken into the heart of the action. There is no fluff; no padding; no grandiose tales of previous readers making millions. The author, Kristen J. Laws, knows this business inside out, and has poured all her considerable knowledge into this guide.

The business concept is simple: Buy a book, list it on Amazon, and sell it for more than you paid. No website to build, no landing page, no search engine optimisation, no traffic generation. Amazon has already done all that for you. Just list your book, sell it, and take the profit.

Simple, yes? Well, yes and no. As with everything, there is a pathway to follow to achieve success, a pathway littered with “do’s” and “don’ts”; right ways and wrong ways. Getting it wrong can quickly eat into your profits and your confidence, perhaps even leading to you giving up on a business that could provide you with a good second income. Who knows, work it hard and well enough, maybe even a replacement first income. Take a look on Amazon, there are plenty book sellers who have sold hundreds of thousands of books, but all of that is the future for you… if you choose.

Happy Customers’ Happy Profits, details, step by step, what to do to become another Amazon success story. Take a look at what’s inside:

•The basic equipment you’ll need to get started
•Why it is best to start off with an Individual Seller account
•How feedback is calculated and how to respond to feedback
•How to calculate your profit
•Time and effort considerations
•How to find books to sell and what to buy, (and avoid)
•What are penny books and how does anyone make money from them?
•How to manage your inventory
•How to grade the condition of your books
•What is an ISBN and why do I need it?
•How to list your first item
•How to get the edge on your competition
•How to choose the correct packaging materials
•Strange packing slip details
•What are the best and most cost-effective shipping methods?
•How to handle shipping anomalies.
•How to handle refunds and returns.
•How to put your listings on-hold.
•Tips on recordkeeping and taxes
… and much more! Everything, in fact, you will need to make a successful start in your Amazon book-selling business, and then to scale it to whatever level you want – full or part-time.

This is a no-frills, no fluff, step-by-step way to start making money on the internet. At home. In your pyjamas, if that’s what you want. You can make a part or full time income – that decision is yours. Whichever, all you need is inside this eBook: Happy Customers, Happy Profits.