Join Me: Planning, Negotiating, and Realizing Your Work-from-Home Vision (HiTech Essentials Guides Book 1)

This guide is intended for the millions of non-public-facing workers who needlessly slog their way through traffic gridlock twice a day, only to work in relative isolation inside cubicles, crowded call centers, or other unrewarding office spaces.

It’s for people who believe that they could perform their current job just as or more effectively from home, but are uncertain about the steps involved in planning, negotiating, and realizing their work-from-home vision.

The guide contains true stories about remote-work experiences, as well as a work-from-home negotiation survival kit, and 10 fact-finding missions to help ensure that working from home is a good fit for you.

*This guide is not* a resource list of home-based business opportunities, or careers that can be performed at a distance. Nor is it for individuals seeking a means of escape from a negative work situation. It is also not a blueprint for gaming the system so that you can get paid to hang out at home or avoid work.