L O L: From Homeless to Multimillion-dollar Global Business Leader

Growing up a poor girl in the heartland of America isn’t easy, but as a lifelong dreamer and optimist, a young Christy Dreiling became determined to make a good life for herself and her family. From a humble beginning and hunger to a series of bad marriages, as Christy’s mother made tough choices, and noble choices, in order to support her daughters, against all odds Christy forged a path to success, from becoming Miss Kansas Teen USA, to an actress, and eventually, a prominent businesswoman. Her remarkable journey details the role models, friendships, love, and passion for service that would guide her from a childhood in poverty to attaining a position as a multimillion-dollar global business leader. Now she shares with us the personal success tips and revelations that led her to find her calling and enabled her to achieve her goals. A true rags-to-riches story, LOL marks the ascent of an individual who endured a lifetime of discouragement before finding the success and happiness that she always wanted—and much more.

2016 Consumer Tech & Media Landscape: A comprehensive look at the global media landscape, a forecast data on consumer media behavior and digital marketing.

Technology trends that will alter the media landscape and change the way record labels, video content creators and videogames companies reach consumers in 2016.

Website Traffic From Media Buying Revealed: Web Marketing Strategies How To Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Website (web marketing, marketing, direct, global, … marketing & sales, pay per view marketing)

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Asian Informal Workers: Global Risks Local Protection (Routledge Studies in the Growth Economies of Asia)


This thoroughly researched volume surveys the nature and extent of ‘informal’ work in Asia, which is a powerful and under-studied force in the region. 

After over half a century of development, even in the fast growing economies of Asia, the formal sector, and industrial jobs have grown rather slowly, and most non-agricultural employment growth has occurred in the informal economy. At the same time as this, there has been a feminization of informal workers and growth in subcontracted homework.

Drawing on detailed case studies carried out in five Asian countries – two low income (India and Pakistan) and three middle income (Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines) – where subcontracted production, usually by women and children working out of home, is now widespread, this insightful book acknowledges that home-based work is the source of income diversification for poor families, but is also the source of exploitation of vulnerable workers and child labour as firms attempt to contain costs.

This wide-ranging and accessible survey, edited by key specialists in this field, along with an impressive team of contributors, examines the social protection needs of these workers arguing convincingly for public action to promote such work and protect these workers as a possible new labour intensive growth strategy in developing countries.


Guide to operating an International Property Sales Business from anywhere: All you need to know to set up a global property business


This guide will show you how to set up your business, obtain packaged and un-packaged property deals from all over the world and includes Spanish bank repossessions. The guide will cove the following and is a result of almost a decade in Overseas property:


Setting naming your website

Setting up your website

Social Media

Telephone and contact details

Sourcing properties for your website

Spanish Bank repossessions

Alternative and other investments

Getting clients and CRM

Additional sources of income

Obtaining staff cheaply

The guide is backed up by email support in order to help you succeed on either a full or part time basis. Set up costs can be from just a few hundred pounds/dollars/euros, but a larger budget will see gains quickly. A budget of about £300-£500 and then a marketing budget to buy in leads should see you grow organically on a part time basis. This can be operated from anywhere in the world from your back bedroom or dedicated office.