Survival (Generation Book 2)

A young family fights to survive in a strange new environment. They have to make a home and seek out foods they know and test out others they have never seen before. Jan’s quick adaptability carries them to success, until disaster strikes and their world is devastated. Clinging to survival they try to start again, but are they the only people remaining in the forest? Is this the last remnant of human kind now in existence?

30K Leads in 30 Days: Real Estate Marketing Created by Antonio Coleman: Creative Real Estate Marketing Lead Generation

Gaining leads through smart, creative real estate marketing strategies is what I’m all about. I took my 15 years of online and offline marketing tactic and put them into one easy to read book just for you. Once you understand how real estate marketing actually works is when you will start to see the bigger picture. The goal is to know who your local competitors are, see what they are doing to market their real estate business. Next you want to take their blueprint and following their footprints to gain a balanced attack. From there you will need to double, triple your marketing efforts to overshadow them. This form of marketing is something we utilize every day in the online marketing world. You see it works even better for real estate because of the lack of online marketing most real estate people implement. Most people will do the causal ads, and facebook posts. This book takes what you know, and flip it over a thousand times to show you how effective the marketing. 30k leads in 30 days will teach you how to do the numbers to figure out exactly what you can expect when it comes to getting in front of targeted leads. I’ve worked day and night to put together a real estate marketing plan that works in each and every city. No matter your location all you need to do is read this simple and powerful book that will walk you through online domination. What will you learn? You will learn how to do keyword research to see who is searching for what online. If you want to rank for the “We Buy Houses” or Sell Your House Fast” keywords then 30k will walk you through it. Maybe you want to learn about building that online presence so you can, at least, be found online somewhere this books will help. What if you need to learn how to actually use facebook to get in front of a potential of thousands of leads at your disposal. This book will do just that, and much more.

Social Media Lead Generation: Lead the Way

L??d g?n?r?t??n m?k?? m??t M?rk?t?r?’ eyes sparkle. Th?? is ??rt??ul?rl? th? ???? for marketers struggling with ??l?? and l??d?. G?v?n th?? fact, it wouldn’t b? a h???rb?l? t? ??? that l??d g?n?r?t??n ?? ?n ?nt?gr?l ??rt ?f ?n? business, b? ?t ?n ?-??mm?r?? w?b??t? or a tr?d?t??n?l br??k ?nd m?rt?r shop. Smart m?rk?t?r? ?l?v?rl? u?? best ?r??t????, explore digital channels, ?nd apply ??mm?n t??hniqu?? t? turn today’s ??lfd?r??t?d bu??r? ?nt? ??t?nt??l leads.

Generating l??d? – b?th h?gh ?n qu?nt?t? and qu?l?t? – is ?n? m?rk?t?r’? numb?r ?n? ?bj??t?v?. But a fair ?h?r? of m?rk?t?r? b?l??v?? that l??d g?n?r?t??n is an ?rt, and ?n? needs to m??t?r th?? ?rt t? generate more ?nd more h?gh qu?l?t? sales-ready leads. However, ?t’? more ????n?? than ?rt f?r ?t ?? b???d ?n a systematic approach, a well-defined process, b??t practices, ??nt?nu?u? t??t?ng ?nd ??n?t?nt improvement.

Th? ?????l media has b???m? ?? ???ul?r n?w?d??? that it ?? now inextricably ?nt?rtw?n?d with our daily l?v??. This ?? evident when ??u ??? tw? ????l? meet for the f?r?t t?m?. On? ?f th? f?r?t ways th?? w?uld get t? kn?w one ?n?th?r is to ?n?u?r? ?n ???h other’s F???b??k ?r Tw?tt?r ?t?tu? thr?ugh ?u??t??n? ?u?h as, “Ar? you ?n F???b??k?” ?r ??m? ?th?r ?l???l? r?l?t?d v?r??t??n. It ???m? l?k? ?v?r??n? ?? on ?n? ?????l n?tw?rk?ng ??t? ?r the ?th?r. N?w, in the online m?rk?t?ng bu??n???, what ?f w? ??uld make th?? ?n?r?d?bl? t??hn?l?g? w?rk t? ?ur advantage? That’s where lead generation thr?ugh social m?d?? ??m?? ?n.

Social m?d?? ?l?tf?rm? l?k? Facebook, Tw?tt?r, ?nd L?nk?dIn ?r? making h??dl?n?? ?n ?lm??t a daily basis. D????t? th??r increasing ubiqu?t?, however, many ?n th? business w?rld are n?t wh?ll? ??nv?n??d ?f th? effectiveness ?f these platforms ?? sales t??l? or ?h?nn?l? that g?n?r?t? r?v?nu?. Wh?l? th? t?d? ?? slowly turn?ng, this ?????r? t? b? ???????ll? tru? within sales t??m? ?nd at ?m?ll and m?d-??z?d ??m??n???. Th? truth ?? that a n?t?bl? u???d? ??n b? realized when bu??n????? ?ng?g? th??r ?l??nt? thr?ugh ?????l media. The ?h?ll?ng? is in r???gn?z?ng th?t ?ng?g?ng in th??? ?h?nn?l? requires m?r? th?n a F???b??k ?r?f?l?, however. R??l ?u????? d???nd? ?n articulating a detailed ?tr?t?g? and working fr?m a ?r???r ?l?n. If u??d ??rr??tl?, these ?l?m?nt? ??n h?l? S?l?? teams achieve ?nd, ju?t ?? important, measure ?u?????.

Lead Generation Secrets: Your 10 Leads A Day Blueprint: How To Go From Zero To 10 Leads A Day in 30 Days Guaranteed

Are you struggling with your lead generation? We all know lead generation is the lifeblood of any business, but how do you get leads?

In this book Marquel Russell uncovers how to go from absolute ZERO to 10 leads per day hero in 30 days or less guaranteed.

In this book you will discover things like:

* The 10 leads per day formula

* The 4 E’s of social media marketing

* How to scale up to 25 Leads a day with paid traffic

* & so much more

If you’re stuck on lead generation then this book is for you. Grab your copy now!

Profit with Your Personality: How Top Producers Win at Lead Generation, and How You Can Too

You are at a crossroads in your sales career. It is win or move-on time. You fervently search for the tool, tip, system, and company that can positively change your trajectory. You did not think it would end this way. You desperately want a turnaround to get unstuck. Imagine if you could pull up a seat and listen in on the best practices of the nation’s top residential real estate sales people. Well, you can with Dr. Lee Davenport’s book, Profit with Your Personality: How Top Producers Win at Lead Generation, and How You Can Too. Dr. Lee Davenport has surveyed some of the nation’s top producing residential salespeople and shares in this interesting read some key takeaways that can change the game.
In Profit with Your Personality: How Top Producers Win at Lead Generation, and How You Can Too, Dr. Lee Davenport explores:
*University-Researched Lead Generation Best Practices of Some of the Top 1,000 U.S. Residential Real Estate Salespeople,
*Wanting the Top Producer Formula,
*Common Myths About You and Your Sales Success,
*1 Frequent Mistake Salespeople Make with Methods (Why It is Really NOT You But Them),
*Jumpstarting Your Sales Pipeline with the 1-2-3 Slam,
*And More!
Ready for a turn-around in your sales lead generation? Then be inspired by this reflective read. Grab your copy today.

If you want to learn from the best of the best, read Dr. Lee Davenport’s new book, Profit with Your Personality. As a real estate coach and trainer, Dr. Lee has written a thoughtful and insightful guide for REALTORS® and Brokers to provide them with actionable tips to bring their business to the ‘next level.’ Rather than a ‘one size fits all approach’ Dr. Lee focuses on how REALTORS® can tap into their personal strengths to become Top Producers. This easy-to-read guide is a must-have for those who are looking to succeed.
–Sandy Krueger, CEO, Staten Island Board of REALTORS®

Dr. Lee Davenport has led the real estate industry to embrace technology and social media. Her thought leadership in this area has impacted agents and brokers across the country. But more than just her track record, my admiration of Dr. Lee stems from her warmth and compassion towards each individual she interacts with. Rare that you find such a beautiful combination and I am proud to call her a friend.
–Stefanie Diaz, Named one of Atlanta’s Startup Wonder Women as the Founder of Mastermind Your Launch and a Popular Radio Host

True success is born out of an acute self-awareness, strong work ethic, and abiding determination. In this book, Dr. Lee will walk you through a process of self-evaluation to pinpoint what is and is not working in your business plan, and she will give you the courage to try new tactics until you find that perfect fit.
–Erica Christoffer, REALTOR® Magazine’s Broker to Broker Consultant

[ Personalized Monogram Name FULL BODY Hard Case ][ Old Generation Apple Macbook Pro 15″ with CD-ROM/DVD DRIVE (Model: A1286 -NOT for retina display) ] – Traffic Light Bow

ONLY fits 15-inch MacBook Pro 2nd Generation A1286 (15.4-inch diagonal). WARNING: Case WILL NOT fit 3rd generation MacBook Pro 15-Inch with Retina Display.

Product Features

  • ONLY fits 15-inch MacBook Pro 2nd Generation A1286 (15.4-inch diagonal). WARNING: Case WILL NOT fit 3rd generation MacBook Pro 15-Inch with Retina Display.
  • IMPORTANT: Please make sure that the model you are ordering is the correct one. There are models with similar names so please make sure to double check before you place the order.
  • PERSONALIZATION: Click “Customize Now” to choose your FONT STYLE and provide your NAME or MONOGRAM. Please see listing picture for the available font style.
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  • Features: Ultra slim FULL BODY design that is light in weight, durable and has long lasting protection for your laptop

Online Marketing: Business: Online Marketing (Online Business Lead Generation Home Based Business) (Online Marketing Internet Marketing Entrepreneurship Book 1)

Beginner’s Guide To Generate Profitable Leads Online

Does Internet Marketing sound too complicated for you? You’re about to discover a proven strategy on how to continually generate leads for your business. More and more people are getting into online marketing but have no idea how to consistently generate leads.

If you’re not generating the revenue you deserve from your online marketing efforts, the truth is you’re lacking an effective strategy to maximize your online marketing revenue. This book goes to a step-by-step strategy that will help you with your online marketing and ultimately increase your profits.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The money is actually not in the list
  • Let your prospects know that you can actually provide results
  • How to provide benefits in advance?
  • The system that you need to build a massive list of right customers
  • Call for action- choosing your free stuff carefully
  • Choosing your giveaways carefully
  • How to put it all together?
  • Traffic Sources
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!