HomeWork! 41 Secrets Everyone Needs To Know About Choosing A Profitable Home Based Business And 7 Secrets No One Will Tell You

Working from home has been a dream for many people over the years. The benefits are clear and many. By using your home as an office or business premises you can;
•Save time
•Cut costs
•Eliminate commuting
•Allow you to multi task
•Reduce tax bills
•And much more
With the advent of computers and the World Wide Web, starting your own home business and making it successful has become a reality for millions of people. With dozens of opportunities there is something for everyone to try, from those with certain skills to those with no particular skill set whatsoever.
And in this book you will find it crammed with essential information on how you can;
•Choose the right kind of business
•The key to becoming a success
•Discover the advantages of working from home
•Become wealthy through your home business
There is more though. Advice on tax, business plans, things to consider before starting up and tips from those who have become successes in their own home business will help you on every step of the way.
So buy this book now. Get your ideas working for you and begin working from home. It’s the best move you’ll ever make.

The Mobile Marketing Revolution: How Your Brand Can Have a One-to-One Conversation with Everyone

One-to-One is transforming our world?here’ s how you can join the Revolution

What would your organization do with a technology that lets you crowdsource instantly and effortlessly and reach people who WANT to hear from you wherever they happen to be? Such a tool already exists and it’s in billions of mobile devices worldwide: SMS, or text messaging.

However, there’s more to messaging than simply broadcasting texts. To succeed with mobile messaging in the long term?without disrupting your business or distracting your customers?you need to understand the bigger movement that’s underway.

The Mobile Marketing Revolution gives you the framework to listen to, empower, inform, engage, and enlist the very people on which your success depends. From fundraising to polling to selling products and services, this book shows how to use mobile messaging to turn even the briefest initial interaction into a permanent engaged relationship. Better still, you can achieve all this without expanding overhead or building campaigns from scratch, but instead by integrating mobile into your organization’s existing processes and practices.

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