Winning at Social Customer Care: How Top Brands Create Engaging Experiences on Social Media

This is the kind of book that you don’t read once; you read it forever.—Jay Baer, president of Convince and Convert and author of Hug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers

Social media has changed customer service forever. It has shifted power from brands to consumers, requiring a different way of thinking about customer engagement.

Dan Gingiss has interviewed dozens of business leaders on his podcast, Focus on Customer Service. From those conversations and his own real-world experience at multiple Fortune 300 companies, Gingiss has developed a series of best practices called “8 Steps to Winning at Social Customer Care.”

Learn how to:

  • navigate social media’s growing role in the overall customer experience
  • develop your own Social Customer Care Philosophy
  • decide which technology provider fits with your company
  • recruit and train a stellar team of social customer service agents
  • establish a scalable process, including crisis management and proactive customer service
  • integrate Social Customer Care with the rest of your business

Gingiss gives you an invaluable glimpse at how top brands are “winning” at customer service in social media, and provides the tools for you to do the same at your company.

Aktuelle Trends und Entwicklungen im Customer Relationship Management: Theorie, praktischer Einsatz, Kritik (German Edition)

Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2014 im Fachbereich BWL – Marketing, Unternehmenskommunikation, CRM, Marktforschung, Social Media, Note: 1,7, Hochschule RheinMain, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Ziel der vorliegenden Arbeit ist es, aktuelle Entwicklungen und Trends im Bereich Customer Relationship Management (nachfolgend auch: CRM, Kundenbeziehungsmanagement) zu beschreiben, sowie deren wirtschaftliche Relevanz und organisatorische Herausforderungen zu beleuchten.
Kundenbeziehungsmanagement-Systeme stehen seit ihrer Einführung vor der Herausforderung sich immer wieder an die Änderungen der sich schnell wandelnden und wachsenden IT- und Systemlandschaften anzupassen. Zum einen ist die Anzahl der möglichen (Kunden-) Kommunikationskanälen in den letzten Jahren stark gewachsen, zum anderen ist das Datenaufkommen in diesen Kanälen enorm gestiegen. Unternehmen, welche aktuell CRM-Konzepte und -Systeme einsetzen, sehen sich also damit konfrontiert, technische Weiterentwicklungen sinnvoll einzusetzen und dabei die Effizienz für eine systematische Gestaltung und Optimierung in der Kundenansprache zu erhöhen.
Getreu dem Motto „Der Kunde ist König“, wird die Kundenzufriedenheit in Zeiten von Globalisierung, hohem Wettbewerbsdruck und geringer Markentreue immer relevanter für das wirtschaftliche Bestehen von Unternehmen. Somit bilden die Kunden das Zentrum jeder Unternehmung und gleichzeitig die Basis für den Unternehmenserfolg. Kundenbeziehungsmanagement-Systeme sollen durch die Sammlung, Speicherung und Aufbereitung von Kundendaten eine 360-Grad-Betrachtung und somit eine gezieltere Ansprache des Kunden ermöglichen.

Mobile Apps for Small Businesses: The Key to Customer Engagement, Mobile Visibility, and More Sales

In this book you will learn why your small business needs its own Mobile App to be successful. According to Forbes Magazine, most Americans spend on average, 170 minutes a day on a mobile device. So, what does that mean for you as a small business…MOBILE VISIBILITY is a must. Fortune 500 companies get it! 95% of them have their own Mobile App, while only 5% of small businesses have their own Mobile App. Today, more than ever, it is essential for small businesses to know their customer interest, engage as much as possible, and build a reputable brand to be successful.

BONUS MATERIAL: In this book I have added a section titled “Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses 2017.” You will learn the latest Digital Marketing trends and strategies to be successful in 2017. You will also get FREE access to my Digital Marketing Plan Kit (valued at $75), which includes a 42-page Marketing Plan Template, The Science of Generating Online Leads, Social Media Marketing, and more!

Work From Home – Customer Service, Writing, & Business Support Jobs: No Selling, Freelance Bidding, or Investing

This book will provide information and links for legit companies who hire customer service, writing, and business support work from home employees.

Right now there is a large amount of legit work from home employment opportunities which are steadily growing as many businesses are expanding to include virtual office networks and telecommuting outsourcing departments as a part of their workforce to meet the continuous growth of their customer base and needs for support.

This book also includes information on credible work from home job boards and networks you can use to search for and find legit work from home opportunities posted by companies that have been researched and confirmed as credible (No Scam) by the job board administrators.

SOCIAL MARKETING BUNDLE 2016: Use the power of facebook and twitter to get more customer, make more money and dominate the competition

Combine the power of Facebook and Twitter to start dominating your market and grow your business

Inside you’ll learn:


– my favorite way of increasing Facebook fans (only few are using this because they’re thinking that it’s hard)

– live examples of how to do a proper post

– the top recommended tools to make your life easier! So you can focus on what’s important to you.

– the best way to deliver post content (follow this for maximum buyer attention)


– The importance of a good profile… do this wrong and you’re doom from the start

– How to find followers

– how to legally steal hungry buying customers from your competition

– the best automation tools for twitter marketing (so you don’t have to work too hard)


The Art of Mobile Persuasion: How the World’s Most Influential Brands are Transforming the Customer Relationship through Courageous Mobile Marketing

This is a book about relationships.

And unlike the 314,011 other titles on Amazon that attempt to provide insights on him or her, on love and marriage, this is a book about the one relationship many of us prize above all others:

The one we have with our mobile phone.

The number of smartphones sold worldwide in 2014 exceeded 1.2 billion. Adults in the U.S. spent 23 percent more time on mobile phones during an average day in 2014 than in 2013. No surprise that brand marketers like us are desperate to get in on the action. But will consumers let us in? Is it possible that marketing could enhance this vital relationship, improving the mobile experience for the user by providing value?

Jeff Hasen believes the answer is yes.

So he spent a year talking with the brightest minds in mobile, marketing and business, seeking answers to the toughest questions facing marketers in the mobile era. Through insights from mobile marketers leading efforts for Google, Coca-Cola, REI, Lord & Taylor, Expedia, ESPN, and many others, readers of The Art of Mobile Persuasion will learn how the world’s most influential brands are transforming the customer relationship through courageous mobile marketing.
?What is courageous mobile marketing?
> Handling the mobile user’s ever-expanding expectations with flexibility and verve
> Knowing when personalization is possible and the actionable steps toward reaching an audience in a one-to-one way
> Adopting a new customer service model that serves the self-sufficient mobile shopper
> Thinking about the customer journey in a device-computer-wearable-and-back-again loop
> Connecting to customers with transparency and humility
> Calling your tribe to action when it matters most.

Traditional marketing is evaporating. Mobile engagement is little more than a buzzword. But mobile persuasion is an art form. Do it courageously and you’ll transform your company’s customer strategy forever.