WORK FROM HOME (Series #1) Call Center and Customer Service Jobs

Looking for a better way to Work From Home? Don’t know where to start, or where to look for the Best Scam Free Jobs? Tired of being SCAMED and getting little or no money? Don’t know who to trust anymore?

THEN THIS IS IT…In this book I will advise you as to How you can start Working From Home. I will give you ways to avoid scams, what you need to start, and how you can find legitimate Work at Home Jobs. Believe me it all depends on what you’re willing to do, anything is possible.

Since there are so many sites and so many types of Work at Home Jobs, this will be the first of a series of 5 books. This series of Books will also save you time and money.

Believe me I’ve been there and have done my share of working the 9 to 5 way, and Working at Home. Now I’ve decided to become a writer, since I have so much to say and offer.

Being able to Work from Home also saves;

•Gas Money, and whatever other transport method used!!
•Clothing to stay in Fashion at the Office!!
•More Flexibility to be available at Home if an emergency arises!!
•Pick you own schedule!
•Work at Home Expenses are tax deductable!!
•The savings are endless…..

The following Books in this Series will be;

•WORK FROM HOME (Series #2) – Accounting and Administration, and VA Jobs
•WORK FROM HOME (Series #3) – Writing and Editing, Proofreading Jobs
•WORK FROM HOME (Series # 4) – Translators and Consulting, Coaching Jobs
•WORK FROM HOME (Series # 5)- Business Opportunities, Online Jobs, and Everything else.

Look out for the others coming out soon, I hope, since every site put in are all verified, and there are Jobs from these site that are continually available.

Start with this one; I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Enjoy, and Good Luck!!!!

Bizoerade Work From Home Office Telephone Call Center Dialpad Headset with Pc Recording Function


– FSK/DTMF caller ID display, automatic checking.

– Turn on by auto/hand for incoming call;special design of turn on when second ringing.

– 30 incoming, 5 outgoing number memories.

– 2 digits PABX code setup.

– 32 digits pre-dial and edit.

– Green Backlight in-use.

– With LED indication.

– Hold and Mute function with indication.

– Headset speaker volume control by knob.

– Flash time 100ms or 600ms choice.

– Voice recorder port available, can connect to the PC to record, audio data line available.

– Provide the double headset port, microphone can change for training.

– Power save function.


– Noise cancellation.

– Power save function.

– Provide headset.

– Comfortable and durable headset.

– Provide the voice recorder port and audio data line.

Package included:

1 x Dial Pad

1 x Headset

1 x connect cord

1 x audio data line for recording

1 x user manual

Product Features

  • Noise cancelling & Noise proof circuit
  • Double headset port & 45-degree LCD design,direct display.
  • Telephone setup dialer with key pads control & Headset headphones with mute + volume control
  • Cord to plug the dialer key pad telephone into house wall port included
  • Business/call center/conference telephone with Headset

Work From Home: Virtual Call Center Part-time/Full-Time Hiring Now!: How Much Does Your Job Cost You? Find Out: Work sheets inside!

Telecommute and work from home! Virtual call centers hiring part-time/full-time. Work From Home Virtual Call Center is a guide with worksheets to assist you in getting hired. Telecommute, work from home, and flexible scheduling. Expanded company listings!