Legitimate Careers for the Stay-at-Home Mom

Are you scrambling to pay your bills while staying at home to look after your children? Are you searching for a legitimate way to earn a decent income from home? If so, look no further! This book will give you advice on finding a legitimate, well-paid career from home. You will discover the requirements, pros, and con, of several careers that can earn you real money, all while sitting at your home computer. So stop worrying, and start earning!

Mid-Life Career Rescue (Employ Yourself): How to change careers, confidently leave a job you hate, and start living a life you love, before it’s too late

Choose and grow your own business with confidence

What if you could increase your income, health and happiness with a few simple steps? How would your life be different if you had more financial freedom, time flexibility, energy, motivation, confidence and self-belief? What if you could hit your business, personal and financial targets easily and make a huge difference in this world? Imagine waking up every morning with no boss, looking forward to your day, working and living with purpose, passion and profit. Get set for a spectacular career. Employ yourself!

Amazon #1 bestselling author and career expert Cassandra Gaisford (BCA, Dip Psych) provides simple but powerful and easy to implement ways to start a passion and purpose driven business. Based on survey research, personal achievements and her professional expertise and success as a career and business start-up coach Gaisford answers the question: how to employ yourself, start a business and live more.

In Mid-Life Career Rescue: Employ Yourself, you’ll learn:

  • Why successful people work with passion and purpose
  • How to identify your REAL priorities

  • How to decide what to do and find an idea that will be successful
  • How to find the right product for the right market
  • How to create a passion-driven business and still pay your mortgage
  • How to identify ways to beat any skills gaps
  • How to start a business with zero start-up capital and finance your career
  • How to start your business with a ‘career-combo’
  • How to maintain cashflow and create a healthy profit
  • How to create and enjoy freedom of lifestyle
  • How to maintain balance and avoid burnout
  • How to overcome the fear of failure, boost your self-esteem and super-charge the confidence needed to make an inspired change
  • How to replicate proven marketing systems and sales strategies that Amazon bestselling authors and other successful business people use every day to find customers
  • How to create a Love Mark and Loyalty Beyond Reason
  • How to escape the 9-5 drudge, live and work anywhere and join the new rich
  • BONUS: Passion Driven Business Planning Journal Workbook
  • BONUS: Powerful Goal Setting Workbook
  • BONUS: Making Decisions and Choosing Your Best-Fit Career Workbook

    If you’re like many people who’d love to be their own boss, but don’t know what you could do, this book will help provide the answers.

    This isn’t a quick-tips-start-your-business-tomorrow, follow-these-steps-in this-exact-order kind of book. Simply put it’s based on the author’s real-world experiences starting and growing many successful businesses, and the experiences of other people like you. Woman and men in their mid-life who want to be their own boss; to live and work with passion – and still pay the bills!

    You’ll read about a diversity of people some who made firm plans, others who made inspired leaps. Like Joy, who had spent 10 years as a Legal Conveyancer, but wanted to do something more creative. With no formal training in design she created a successful interior design business.

    Read about Dame Wendy Pye, who was dumped from her job and, vowing to prove her former boss had made a huge mistake, went on to create her own multi-millionaire dollar publishing business.

    Whether you are a start-up entrepreneur, or a businessperson looking for a fresh start, Mid-Life Career Rescue: Employ Yourself will help you make the right moves to choose and grow your business with confidence.

    Quit just existing and start really living!

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The strategies in this book will also help job-hunters in their 20s, 30s or 40s.

Legitimate Work from Home Jobs.: Women and Careers: Working from Home

Discover Legitimate Work from Home Jobs

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The year is 2016, and we’ve come farther in our fight for the rights of all women than we ever could have imagined a century ago. However, the fight still isn’t fair. Men are better appreciated, better compensated, and better rewarded than women in the workforce. For every three-quarters a woman earns, a man doing the same job earns a dollar. This ugly truth keeps many women from wanting to enter the workforce at all. They resign themselves to a life of being a financial dependent – counting on their husbands to care for them.

Other problems, such as the glaring lack of paid maternity leave for pregnant women, disillusions young women from the idea that they, too, can have successful careers. All of these disadvantages are adding up and boiling over. Women want careers. In fact, women crave careers. But, for whatever reason, the world doesn’t seem altogether ready to be impartial toward gender and societal norms.

So, what can women do to make a fair wage and take their professional life into their own hands? What kind of position can offer a flexible schedule, decent pay, maternity leave, and the chance to build an empire? How can women be proud and productive at the same time?

In this eBook, we’re going to walk you through the process of becoming a successful telecommuter. How can you best market yourself online? What kind of jobs can you pursue? How many hours can you expect to work each week? How much money can you expect to make annually? What skills, tools, and qualities do you need to make yourself better at your job?

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn Working from Home

  • Staying Motivated
  • The Benefits of Working From Home
  • Negotiating a Fair Salary
  • Handling a Job Interview
  • Creating a Cover Letter and Resume
  • Detecting Scams
  • Creating a Productive Work Space
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Required Skills and Professional Qualities
  • Determining Your Objectives
  • Popular Work-From-Home Industries
  • Busting Common Myths
  • Concluding Tips and Tricks

Download your copy today!

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50 Great Money Making Ideas for Any Economy; Low Cost Business Ideas, Opportunities and Careers


50 Great Money-Making Ideas For Any Economy is a reference guide featuring low cost business ideas, great small business start-ups, fun and interesting business opportunities, and unique low cost career ideas that will endure most economic changes. This book is filled with hundreds of resources, including recommended websites and books, and offers suggestions on how to pursue these ideas logically and effectively. The resource guide is perfect for nearly anyone looking for new career ideas. Students, stay-at-home moms and dads, retirees, or anyone looking for something new can find value in this book. From supplemental income ideas to full time careers, this resource guide has something in it for everyone.


Careers for Homebodies & Other Independent Souls (Careers For Series)


Work out of the home office–every single day!

Do you like to stick to your own schedule? Do you dread a long commute? Are you motivated to succeed through the efforts of you and you alone? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re ready to run a business from home–now all you need is an occupation that satisfies your independent spirit.

Careers for Homebodies & Other Independent Souls provides all the information you need to get started on creating the career of your dreams, including inside information on everyday routines of self-employment, working conditions within your chosen field, and practical information you’ll need to help achieve your dreams. Use the advice provided here and you’ll:

Decide which specific profession is best for you Make the right choices the first time around Get started with focus and confidence Locate financial resources to start your own business

Be your own boss! You can work in the field of:
consulting * franchising * freelancing * human resources * advertising * public relations * graphic design * writing