Winning at Social Customer Care: How Top Brands Create Engaging Experiences on Social Media

This is the kind of book that you don’t read once; you read it forever.—Jay Baer, president of Convince and Convert and author of Hug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers

Social media has changed customer service forever. It has shifted power from brands to consumers, requiring a different way of thinking about customer engagement.

Dan Gingiss has interviewed dozens of business leaders on his podcast, Focus on Customer Service. From those conversations and his own real-world experience at multiple Fortune 300 companies, Gingiss has developed a series of best practices called “8 Steps to Winning at Social Customer Care.”

Learn how to:

  • navigate social media’s growing role in the overall customer experience
  • develop your own Social Customer Care Philosophy
  • decide which technology provider fits with your company
  • recruit and train a stellar team of social customer service agents
  • establish a scalable process, including crisis management and proactive customer service
  • integrate Social Customer Care with the rest of your business

Gingiss gives you an invaluable glimpse at how top brands are “winning” at customer service in social media, and provides the tools for you to do the same at your company.

Backyard Chickens: The Ultimate Guide – Breeds, Care, Housing, Feeding, Eggs (backyard animals, chickens, eggs Book 1)

Enjoy eggs from your backyard while they’re still warm! Reconnect with nature and your food by having your own chickens. It’s easier than you think.

Each of your chickens can lay an egg each day, meaning you’ll have more than enough for the whole family and have plenty left to share with friends and neighbors, or to sell for cash.

Raising chickens doesn’t require special equipment or skills. No experience is necessary. All you need is a simple shelter, some food and water. And this book explains exactly how to do just that, in the simplest and easiest way.

Anyone can do it. And it’s very inexpensive. In fact if you often buy eggs at the supermarket, the chickens will soon PAY FOR THEMSELVES. You have nothing to lose and it can be a fun experience for the whole family. Everything you need to know about chickens

This book gives you a clear step-by-step guide that allows even the most inexperienced people to start raising their own chickens. This is a practical, easy to understand book that cuts through misconceptions you might have.

This book explains things like:

  • Housing your chickens
  • Feeding your chickens
  • Health and well-being of your chickens
  • Mating & reproduction
  • How to deal with common problems
  • A lot more

This book will save you hours of trial and error, and let you raise a healthy, productive flock of chickens in no time.

Get your copy now and start learning everything you need to know about raising chickens!

How to Start A Care Agency: Discover the Steps to Start Your Agency in 60 Days (Part 1)

Have you always wanted to start and run a senior care business but lacked the insight and know how to do so? Have you ever thought that caregivers can be great CEO’s? We do. We believe that with the right heart, the right information and the right plan, people can make their dream of starting and owning their own senior care agency happen. It happened for me.

If this reminds you of yourself or someone you know look no further. This book is the first in a series that will inspire you to embark on a 60 day journey to start and run your senior care business. This guide goes into complete detail on how to take full advantage of what Forbes calls one of the “Best Business To Own.”

So what are you waiting for? Get your copy and get started living the career you’ve always imagined.

How to Start a Home-Based Senior Care Business: *Develop a winning business plan *Market your unique services to families *Create a fee structure … care manager (Home-Based Business Series)

How to Start a Senior Care Business shows how to start and run a profitable, ethical, and satisfying home-based business in the field of senior care. The book covers the range of senior care businesses that are increasingly in demand today.

How to Start a Home-Based Senior Care Business (Home-Based Business Series)

Everything you need to know to start and run a profitable, ethical, and satisfying home-based business in the field of senior care.

This book covers the range of senior care businesses that are increasingly in demand. It discusses the businesses that can be set up by those with special qualifications, such as nursing, social work, or other health and human services degrees, as well as those that can be run by individuals with no special training but an interest in caring for others.

Topics included are: driving and errand-running businesses, geriatric or elder care management, day care, and insurance-coverage advocacy.

The senior population is increasing and aging issues are everywhere—this is a timely book from an expert author that will help new business owners fill a growing market need.