Network Marketing Relaunch: 21 Breakthrough Strategies to Build Your Personality, Relationship Skills and Motivational Fire

Grow into new and definite success as a person and professional in Network Marketing and overcome obstacles that have stopped you so far. The 21 breakthrough strategies shown in “Network Marketing Relaunch” help you step-by-step to build up yourself, your life, your leadership, your relationships, your business, your team/organization and your finances in a stringent, convincing and effective process. Do you want to live the extraordinary life? Then you find the ticket for the journey of your life in this book!

Many Network Marketers fail because
>> They don’t have the motivation fire to fuel themselves and their team
>> They don’t know how to combine all the core network marketing skills into the complete cycle of network marketing
>> They don’t have sufficient time management – their life is cluttered with many distractions
>> They lack financial skills and cannot resist spending too much money
>> They don’t know how to deal with their repeating patterns and overcome them
>> They don’t develop sufficient skills in appreciating and leading their team
>> They don’t have an adequate travel schedule
>> They don’t have the set up in their home and home office to attract abundance
>> They lack energy and influence
>> They need to attract personalities into their team who are bigger than themselves

“Network Marketing Relaunch” is a solution for all of these challenges because if you RELAUNCH you will

>> Start creating a simple and executable plan for yourself and your team
>> Start attracting big calibre people into your team
>> Bring real leadership to your team
>> Fire up your motivation to propel yourself and your team forward
>> Use complete checklists to all necessary network marketing skills (provided in the book)
>> Overcome limiting patterns that so far were holding you back
>> Gain the energy needed for going the whole way
>> Master the 5-step process of manifesting what you want and what you need
>> Become able to differentiate between the important and the unimportant
>> Spend more time in alpha brain waves needed for deep, creative, strategic thinking
>> Learn to build wealth and abundance instead of wasting money energy
>> Do all this and more by following the 21 strategy process

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YouTube Breakthrough: How To Generate 20-30 Leads Per Day On YouTube

Ready to breakthrough on YouTube? YouTube Breakthrough documents the real truths behind what it really takes to generate leads and sales on YouTube. Learn the insider secrets, as Casey Hicks, aka “The Mad YouTube Scientist” knocks down all barriers and reveals the methods and strategies to building your own lead generation machine.

This book is written for the serious marketer. This training is about generating traffic and leads. It’s not about building a following or for branding purposes. It’s not about how to have correct lighting in your videos. It’s not about having great channel art, or overcoming your fear of getting in front of a camera. This book is zero fluff, and teaches you what you need to know to see immediate results. There is so much stuff out there that people are trying to fill your head with that isn’t going to make you a dime. That’s where Casey is different, and that’s where this book is different.

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Personal Transformation: Success and Breakthrough In Business & Life: Success Stories and Goal Setting: How to create Opportunities in Life and Business … Week The BuDo-Way (Success in Life Book 1)

A must book for anyone wishing to take control over their life becoming Mega-effective and able to create opportunities getting you ahead of your competition.

This is done in a very unique way harnessing and linking BuDo (martial arts) centuries-long accumulated wisdom with contemporary experience-based deep understanding of today’s reality and market, delivered to you in a clear concrete way through more than 60 methods, techniques and examples you can actually apply taking control over your life.

The authors combine their long term global experience and proven success to guide you through the complex, often challenging high paced 21st century reality enabling you to proactively take control over your life by becoming Mega-effective.

After selling over a million books worldwide, Amit Offir reveals and shares his experience-based success secrets integrated throughout this book in a fascinating way with BuDo treasure of knowledge provided by sensei Nir to provide you with actual, concrete and applicable tools for taking your life and success to the next level.

This book was written in order to help you become the most effective person you can be; more accurate, efficient and more professional. It is designed to help you achieve your goals and break through barriers, enabling you to position yourself in first place of every competition. The book provides many effective methods and tools, we actually employ and have helped us break records one after the other, constantly becoming more effective and successful in conquering every mountain we wanted to climb.

While we cannot guarantee your achievements applying the ideas and methods presented in this book, as such success depends on your persuasion and determination to implement the methods described finding out what exactly works for you, we can certainly attest these principles have worked for us and for thousands who have experienced great results after attending our workshops and implementing our methods.

Consequently the book is organized in a modular way that allows you to test yourself and your conduct as you try applying each of the ideas methods presented constantly monitoring and enhancing your performance as you become more effective person achieving better results.

We hope this book will help you change your life and develop on a professional as well as personal level thus becoming a more capable person.

If you are holding this book in your hands we gather you are determined to learn how to further progress and advance in your life, career and business endeavors. We respect you for this regardless of the knowledge and experience you have managed to acquire so far. One of the things you have probably already figured out is that the ability to learn is a virtue associated with successful people. Without the ability to learn mankind would not have survived at all and we would have probably already been extinct millions of years ago. This ability to explore and develop led mankind to unprecedented records that were broken time after time by using creative thinking, belief, research, courage and initiative.

Without these qualities we would not have come to fly to the moon, to invent the light bulb and to communicate with someone on the other side of the globe.

As social creatures, the desire to help each other and assist by using the knowledge we have accumulated is apparently ingrained in us, in the same way as a father desires to save his son from the mistakes that he himself has experienced.

On the other hand, the desire to learn and develop is ingrained also in people without experience who are constantly busy trying to prove that they are the ones who will succeed where others have been wrong and failed.