6 Pack Gift Card Maze by TechTools – Brain Teasing Maze For Cash or Gift Cards – Fun Challenge Gift Card Holder / Money Maze

Giving someone a gift card ensures that they can get what they want for a birthday, a wedding, the winter holidays and other occasions. While gift card gifts are always appreciated, sometimes, you want to give someone more than just a simple piece of plastic for a special event. On those occasions, the TechTools Gift Card Maze is the perfect way to add fun to your gift!

The TechTools Gift Card Maze is a gift card holder unlike anything you’ve seen before. Not a sleeve or a folder, this gift card holder is a clear plastic vault with a puzzle maze inside. In order to open the gift card maze and get to the gift card, the recipient of your gift first needs to turn the puzzle this way and that to roll the metal ball bearing to the other side! It’s challenging yet simple enough for any adult or child to do successfully.

Measuring 5.5 inches by 3.5 inches in size, the TechTools Gift Card Maze is perfectly proportioned to hold all types of standard gift cards. You can also use the gift card maze for giving cash gifts in fun new ways! Once the gift card holder has been opened, it can be sealed again. Kids can play with the puzzle over and over, or the gift card maze can be reused to make another present extra special. The heavy-duty plastic construction ensures that the gift card holder will last for years to come.

Why give a plain old gift card when you can give someone special a gift card and a fun, memorable experience at the same time?

Choose the most unique gift card holder on Amazon!

Product Features

  • Pack of 6
  • MAKE GETTING A GIFT CARD MORE FUN Roll the metal ball through the maze to open the gift card holder!
  • PERFECTLY SIZED Gift card holder maze works with all types of gift cards
  • NOT JUST FOR GIFT CARDS You can also use this gift card holder for stowing cash!
  • REUSABLE Gift card holder can be closed and used again and again! Pass along the fun or give it again to a special person

The Expert Authority Effect 2017:: Your 7-Step Brain Dead Simple Blueprint To Attract Your Ideal Dream Clients By Increasing Your Authority Positioning Today!

• Are you frustrated with having to chase down prospects for an answer?
• Prospects weren’t really interested in the first place?
• Only took your meeting to be polite
• Can’t afford your services?
• Aren’t the decision maker?
So was I, that Is why I created The Expert Authority Effect™ for you. So you can say goodbye to the repetitive tasks you don’t really enjoy any way make a low impact and instead focus your time, energy, and money on where you can make the most significant impact.

We will lay out the 7 Brain Dead Simple Steps You Can Take To Attract Your Ideal Dream Clients By Increasing Your Authority Positioning Today, and start making your prospects chase you instead of you chasing them! So without any further adieu, lets get started 🙂

Easy Money For Lazy People: 5 Brain Switching Steps to Create Passive Income Streams By Starting An Online Business

Do you KNOW the Fact and Fiction of Passive Income and Making Money Online?

No, unfortunately, the myth about PASSIVE INCOME is not true.

Come to find out the truth:

You can start a passion-based business and bring it to the point where you’re earning more money for less direct effort on your part. That is the essence of passive income: structuring your business so that you can leverage your time into higher earnings for fewer hours of direct involvement.

Before you can do this, however, you have to understand the facts about passive income, among other things.

So why would you quit your job to work for yourself then and start an online business?

That’s an excellent question. Honestly, the only person who can answer that question is the one who will buy and read this book.

Whay do you want to create passive income streams:

1.More time with your family?

2.The freedom to turn your passion into a career?

3.A better sense of financial security?


None of these are good reasons!


If you want more time with your family, that’s still going to be an issue when you’re juggling clients and trying to stay up on market trends. You can start your endeavor with the best of intentions, only to realize five years later that you forgot to work on your passion while you were taking work to pad your bank account—or even just to pay the bills in the lean months.

As for financial security, that’s something that is built over time through wise spending and saving practices.

You aren’t going to fix these things quickly because all of them take the same exact two things as your business venture to be successful:

1.A Plan

2.Dedicated and focused effort over a period.

If you want to improve any area of your life, it takes these two things. An organized method of action (a plan), and consistent work towards achieving the result.

So what’s the inside information of this book going to look like?

  • Step 1: Understand Who You Are.
  • Step 2:Find Your Passion.
  • Step 3: From Passion to Product.
  • STep 4: Creating a Business Plan.
  • Step 5: Intelligent Expansion.
  • How to know: A saturated market is not necessarily a bad thing.
  • Deciding when it is time to switch from an active to a passive role.
  • Learn how to market your products.
  • Becoming wealthy means diversifying.
  • So much, much more information in this book.

Visualize what you want, but understand that the steps you take to get there may bring you to a different destination—and even the steps themselves may change.

Don’t think that, just because your passionate about what you’re doing, you don’t need to base your efforts on a sound basis of reason and planning. There may be a lot you have to do between the beginning of your efforts and that final result. Every step of the way will help you to grow into who you need to be to reach this final stage.

There are a lot of programs and websites that talk about passive income earnings. Why do you think these websites and programs are using an incorrect term to sell a service for something that doesn’t technically exist? They’re preying on you.

They’re taking your dream of financial freedom and turning it into a quick dollar for themselves. That’s why some of these sites claim that you’ll be able to take it easy on the beach for a good part of every year, they’re selling you a dream.

And, as they say, every ending is simply a new beginning in disguise. Once you reach your ideal place, you might just find yourself at another intersection on your path.

I’m sure my book will guide you through your own journey towards a whealty life.</

IQ Challenge Set by GamieUSA – 7 Pcs Kids Educational Toys for 5+ Year Olds – Highly Stimulating Brain Teasers – Challenging Mental Exercises for Sharp Young Minds – 100% Child Safe


Raise a Brainiac!

Get your kid the IQ Challenge Set for a head start in today’s fast-paced world of making big decisions on the fly.
Re-assembling the 3″ IQ ball tests kids’ perseverance and deduction power; while solving the 4 different 2.5″
Puzzle Balls offer regular mental exercise. Test their mental agility as they put the jumbled-up Wooden Cube
Puzzle back into a cube; while figuring out the tricky Metal Wire Puzzle’s entanglements develops spatial relations.

Wise Up And Get Lucky!

As if solving the puzzles isn’t fun enough, the IQ Challenge Set dares kids’ wits and guile for some interactive fun!
How fast can your little genius complete any two puzzles? Send before and after images of their puzzles via email
or Twitter using #IQChallengeSet, for a special gift from GamieUSA. Check out the exciting instructions included in the Challenge Set.

A few benefits of GamieUSA’s IQ Challenge Set include:

– Offers 7 different puzzles for exciting variety.

– Excellent design for maximum durability and safety.

– Ideal kids educational toys for training young brains.

– 100% money-back guarantee for a risk-free purchase.

– Special GamieUSA gift for extra motivation and fun.

Kids Intellect, Our Commitment!

GamieUSA is committed to providing far more than fun games. We create children educational toys which stimulate
development of essential life skills in an enjoyable, yet challenging way. With multiple puzzles plus a chance for
positively challenging interactions, the IQ Challenge Set is the most fun-packed educational
toy set for your child.

Click “Add to Cart” now and discover how much smarter your child really is!

Product Features

  • – 7 AMAZING IQ TOYS; includes a 3″ IQ Puzzle Ball and 4 different 2.5″ Plastic Puzzle Balls, a Metal Puzzle; and a 2-inch Wooden Cube Puzzle. Each puzzle is designed to enhance kids’ perseverance and deduction power for improved mind sharpness and alertness.
  • – EXCEPTIONAL BRAIN TEASERS; these educational toys will challenge your child’s intellect by stimulating amazing creativity. Your child’s mind will be sharpened enough to develop their problem solving capacity through reasoning, development of mental stamina and boosting their self-confidence.
  • – DURABLE AND KIDS SAFE; our good quality puzzle pieces are both child-safe and constructed to last. With non-toxic finishing, absolutely no sharp/ cutting edges and necessary instructions included; this is a great set of educational toys for 5 year olds.
  • – CHALLENGE YOUR CHILD; to make it even more fun for the little masterminds challenge them to qualify for the GamieUSA’s special gift by solving at least two puzzles. Check out the exciting instructions included in the Challenge Set.
  • – SATISFACTION GUARANTEED; we offer superb educational toys and excellent customer service and if you’re not totally satisfied with your purchase; we also offer a risk-free, No-Questions-Asked, 100% Money-back Guarantee! Click the orange button to order now!

Fat Brain Toy Co Reptangles

As seen on ABC’s Good Morning America! 2010 Parents’ Choice Award -Recommended! Flip, slide, turn, connect, combine, build with Fat Brain’s newest construction toy! Clever, colorful turtles snap & slide together in over 100 incredible ways! Each set of 24 Reptangles comes with a full-color bonus activity book with 80+ puzzles to encourage young minds to explore the world of geometry, design & construction.

Product Features

  • A highly evolved multi-channel building system
  • Build mathematical thinking; capture imagination – 2 turtles combine in 100 ways!
  • Build geometric masterpieces; Construct simple to complex polyhedra
  • Thousands of play possibilities evoke innovation & curiosity
  • Outstanding ingenuity, modern design, endless construction appeal

Brain Imagination Colors Information Matei 10″ Quartz Plastic Wall Round Clock Classic Analog Setting Customized Inch Hand Needle MSD Made to Order Support Ready Dial Time Personalized Gift Battery Operated Accessories Graphic Designed Model HD Template Wallpaper Photo Image


This extremely attractive customized graphic design wall clock is made from high quality plastic. The Graphic design is printed from edge to edge and sealed so it would not bled or fade. Eco friendly plastic is specially made to be stain and water resistance. The art design can be customized by submitting your own picture by following along the instruction and we will be happy to design it for you. Feel Free to contact us with any question. Hand made, made to order ship from California, US to anywhere worldwide. Graphic designed in USA. Ship within 1~2 business day extremely short transit time. Easy to use. Best quality. Affordable price. Great caring customer service. Purchase now and join the thousands of user worldwide that have unique design that fit their taste. Guarantee 100% happy customer or we will make it right. Despite every effort to accurately duplicate each product’s color when scanned to our website, actual colors may vary. Due to monitor and/or video card differences, subtle variations in color and surface texture may not be fully revealed. Therefore you need to be certain that any slight variations occurring between the actual color, and the representation on our website, will be acceptable.

Product Features

  • Please search our Amazon Storefront “MSD Round Clock” for more design. This product is based on the latest High-resolution graphics printed by cutting-edge printing technology. Combine with only highest definition picture. Quartz Crystal Movement. Comes ready to hang. Quick & easy wall mounting. Requires 1x AA battery (not included).
  • The surface is made with long-lasting durable finish.
  • With the opportunity to submit your own picture you can make your own unique product. We will make sure the product come out the way you want it. Please search our Amazon Storefront “MSD Round Clock” for more design.
  • Designed in US, Ship from California within 1 or 2 business day to worldwide unlike competitor that take 3 to 5 day
  • Our friendly customer service and designer is online 7 day a week. We are happy to answer any question for you. So you will be 100% happy with our great product. During this brand new market limited time promotional sales offer take up to 50% discount