Business Mastery Box: Master Evernote, Startup Success and Business Skills! Build and Design Your Dream Business and Work Flow to Succeed (Boxing Philip Vang Book 1)

You’re About to Discover How to Get Out There and Start a Business!

In this box you will find three (3) books with great knowledge about starting a business and mastering work-flows. One book will focus on Evernote, one is about staring a startup and the last one is getting your business off the ground. Design your life and break free from cubical nation to empower yourself! Here is an overview:

  • 31 Steps to Become a Evernote Pro
    • You will learn how Evernote can change your life and organize your mind. In 31 easy steps to follow, this will help you get organized!
  • 31 Steps to Start a Business
    • You will learn how easy it is to find your passion and develop a business out of it which can give you the freedom you always dreamed of. Enjoy life and do what you want!
  • 31 Steps to Startup Success
    • You will learn how find an idea and start a great startup business to join the cool kids but not just be one more in the crowd but actually build something meaningful and lasting. Start up and get going, this book will guide you the way into an exciting journey!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn When You Download the Business Mastery Box Today:

  • 31 Steps to Become a Evernote Pro
    • Educate Yourself and Enjoy
    • Use Evernote on All Your Devices
    • Use an Evernote E-Mail Address
    • Use and Abuse Tags
    • Forget Again With Evernote
    • Write Without Paper
    • Stack Your Notes
    • Save PDFs With Evernote
  • 31 Steps to Start a Business
    • Evaluating Yourself
    • Identifying Your Passion
    • Establishing Your Goal
    • Devising Your Business Plan
    • Choosing Your Business Structure
    • Recognizing Your Target Market
    • Calculating the Costs
    • Fixing Your Budget
    • Gathering Your Resources
    • Obtaining a Place of Work
  • 31 Steps to Startup Success
    • Tips to Improve Your Thinking Process
    • Tap Your Entrepreneurial Skills
    • Discover the Real Need
    • Write Your Business Plan
    • Review Your Business Plan
    • Invest on Your Business
    • Learn From Your Competitors
    • Goal Setting Activity
    • Tips to Simplify Your Life
    • Be a Hardworking Business Owner

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