Productivity For Indie Authors: A Book About Doing Less And Making More (Self Publishing Pathway To Published 1)

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“This is not just a book, it is a movement!” JS
“Your book has changed how I look at EVERYthing. I’m realizing how hard I’ve been searching for an answer to what hasn’t been working for me, not just in writing & publishing, but in how I manage my professional life, in general. This is the first morning in decades that I woke up feeling calm and unhurried. That’s not hyperbole. I’ve spent most of my professional life feeling rushed, as if I were seeking something that was eluding me. Your book provided the key. Thank you!” EM

I just signed in to my KDP publishing account and checked out the report for my royalty earnings over the past two years (May 15 – May 17). Incredibly it reads $207,628.04! Well, it’s incredible to me anyways, because I know how long and hard the journey to this point has been.

I started my self publishing adventure long before Kindle was even a twinkle in Amazon’s eye, on a photocopier and armed with a long-armed stapler. My books had to be short in those days, because they wouldn’t stay closed if I tried to fold too many pages.

Amazingly, I still publish short books. Lots of them.

As a fellow indie author and self-publisher I know well the pressures that can prevent your publishing dreams taking full shape. The daily demands, and propensity to procrastinate, the insecurity – all conspiring to keep you one step behind your break-through.

Sometimes it feels like you are chasing your own tail. We know, as self-publishers, that there is a lot more to this gig than just writing. It can become overwhelming.

I started asking how I could better run my business to free me to do just the things I loved and felt called to do.

I wanted to create a watertight streamlined system that facilitated massive growth without killing me and destroying my wife and kids in the process. I now only have to work a few hours a week to keep my self publishing business running and flourishing – I’m free to write and create as I please.

This book contains the tried and tested keys that took me from a struggling and overwhelmed indie author, to a six-figure publishing business that virtually runs on auto-pilot.

Most productivity books center on teaching how to do more. This is a book all about doing less!

Trash your busy-ness and build a knockout self-publishing business that works for you, instead of you working for it.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: David Lee Martin is a successful self-publishing author, who runs a healthy six-figure publishing business using the very keys and concepts he shares in this book. He is known for his transparency and ability to communicate with honesty concepts and practical pathways to rock your own publishing business and take it to the next level.

Facebook Groups for Writing & Publishing to advertise your book: 2017 Edition – 300,000 FB Book Readers. Engage with 100 Authors and bonus 50 Facebook pages.

UPDATED: 2017 Edition of the Facebook Groups for Writing & Publishing!

The best 200 online Facebook Groups where you can promote your books for free are now available to you!
Your time is important and TIME IS MONEY, right? Don’t waste anymore time searching the internet for the right place to promote your work!

Facebook groups is one of the most influential resource and I would like to say I learned a lot of things from here. I was having problems trying to find places I could advertise my new Kindle E-book. How to find groups to get my E-book out there? …..

Reading this book will save time and help you avoid a lot of potential grief.

Facebook Guide for Authors. The basics of Facebook marketing.

  • Meet Other People that Publish.
  • 200 Facebook Groups for Writing & Publishing.
  • 300,000 FB Book Readers.
  • 50 Facebook pages to advertise your book.
  • Engage with 100 Authors and Much More.

The more books you promote, the more chance you’ll be able to promote your books.

These facebook groups should eventually help your books get more sales and publicity.

Good luck with your books!

Updated Facebook Groups@, 2017 Edition.

Kindle Business Mastery: A Step By Step Author’s Guide To Writing Publishing And Marketing Your Books On Amazon

How to Publish Your eBook FAST on Kindle!

This is the Year to get your book written and published.

Dont waste your time reading 100 Pages with others, only to get useles information. Learn how to Self Publish your eBook on Amazon!

A Step by Step Guide to Writing and Publishing Your Books on Amazon

What is so Great about my book? It gets to the point! My book starts you out from day one in the publishing arena. You have to be Self-Motivated and Driven to Succeed in this Industry. Kindle Busiiness Mastery Provides the knowledge you need to actually execute your book!

If this is your first time publishing and eBook on Amazon Kindle, or you just dont know which resources are available, then this is the book is the answer.

  • Learn the secret of selecting a profitable niche for your book
  • Create FAST Amazing outlines
  • Walk through a guide on writing, editing, and publishing
  • Create the Ultimate, Killer Title, Keywords and Cover Pages
  • Free Resources information and website links


PocketRead’s Pocket Guide – How To Find The Time To Write: For busy people who want to be authors

Are you a stay-at-home parent struggling to find the time to write?

From sun-up to sundown you are caring for your children and unlike other jobs, you can’t clock off.

The problem is, you know you’d be fantastic at writing a novel but when could you possibly fit it in during the endless round of feeding, nappy-changing, playing, bathing, cooking, housework…I could go on…

This book contains everything you need to know about how to find those elusive pockets of time you need to write and what to do once you have found them.

Learn how to discover the time you didn’t think you had, leaving you free to write your novel without adding more stress to your already busy life.
Reprioritise and reschedule so that you can free up time.

A no cost solution to finding more time to write your masterpiece while making sure your family life doesn’t suffer.
Don’t feel guilty by pursuing your dreams, feel good about yourself – a happy parent makes for a happy family.

Stop wishing to magically find that extra time to write and make it happen for yourself now.

Ebook Marketing 101: Secret Ebook Marketing Strategies to Boost Ebook Sales and Make More Money (Book Marketing for Publishers, Book Marketing for Authors, E-book Marketing)

Nine tricks you may not know about to boost your book sales!

Book publishing has become my main income stream. I earn thousands of dollars each month (passive income) with the books I put on Amazon. Since I started, I learned some new tweaks that have helped some books rise to the top or just sell an extra copy or two each month. Take a look at these strategies and decide if it’s something you could use for your publishing or writing business. You’ll learn, among others:

What involves an effective Goodreads giveaway.

Tips for putting your books on

Price and advertising strategies.

Optimization tricks for the holiday season.

A simple way to get more reviews.

The easiest ways to make a little extra through affiliate marketing.

Curious yet? Then don’t wait and start reading. It took me a year to figure some of these things out. So save yourself the time and learn from what worked for me. I will see you in the first chapter!

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Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day: Social Media Marketing Strategies and Tips for Busy Authors

What if you no longer had to worry that social media marketing would take hours, leaving you with less time to focus on your writing?

Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day provides a formula that authors can follow to help them save time online without losing their effectiveness or impact.

In just eleven chapters, Frances Caballo helps writers:

  • implement the same four-step formula that she uses every day
  • understand the new formula for saving time online
  • learn how to become a more effective and efficient marketer
  • learn about hashtags, buzz words, and social media’s lexicon
  • discover apps that can help writers save time while using social media
  • use the best tips and best practices you need to know to successfully market your book and blog

If you’ve avoided social media because you felt that you didn’t have enough time for it, you’ve used it sporadically, or you’ve been frustrated by how much time social media networking takes, this book is for you.

Once you read this book, you’ll never waste time online again.

How to Build a Home Based Business Using Books Already Written and Available On the Public Domain: Profit from Thousands of EBooks Already Written For You by Well-Known Authors from Around the World

Stop writing new eBooks now and turn instant profits!

Start making real money in eBooks that you don’t even have to write; because, they have been written and time tested for you by thousands of famous authors…with material that is yours for the taking. These works can be scanned, resold, updated, and even rewritten to help you start your very own successful publishing business from home.

Not only can you make money on previously written books, but pictures, music, and film, which can be repackaged and resold to the public.

Find out the secrets of capitalizing on thousands of royalty free material on the public domain by buying this book today.

Here are some of the things you’ll find in this book:

– Secret Methods for Finding Written Works to Sell

– Locating and Developing Free Written Material to Sell

– Preparing Public Domain Documents to resell

– Making Serious Money in the Public Domain

– Selling and Distributing on the Web

Don’t delay…find out how to start finding free books, movies, and music to resell today!

Volume 1, Taste and See, A Sampling of First Chapters by John 316 Marketing Network Authors

“Taste and See” is a generous sampling of first chapters and other writings by John 3:16 Marketing Network authors.
All books represented in this anthology have a Christian worldview.

Chapter 2: Bernard Boulton, Do You Wanna
Be Made Whole?

Chapter 3: Elaine Marie Cooper, The
Promise of Deer Run

Chapter 4: Laura J. Davis, Come to Me

Chapter 5: Ashley Dawn, Shadows From the

Chapter 6: Sidney W. Frost, The
Vengeance Squad

Chapter 7: April W. Gardner, Wounded

Chapter 8: Tracy Krauss, And the Beat
Goes On

Chapter 9: Ken Kuhlken, Midheaven

Chapter 10: Marcia Lee Laycock, One
Smooth Stone

Chapter 11: Lisa J. Lickel, Meander

Chapter 12: Patience Prence, SCARS: An
Amazing End-Times Prophecy Novel

Chapter 13: W.R. Pursche and Michael
Gabriele, The Eternal Messiah

Chapter 14: Eddie Snipes, I Called Him

Chapter 15: Amanda Stephan, Lonely

Chapter 16: Diane Tatum, Gold Earrings

Chapter 17: Kenneth Winters, The Lost
Crown of Colonnade

Young Adult

Chapter 18: Tom Blubaugh, Night of the

Chapter 19: Lynn Dove, Shoot the

Chapter 20: Rev. Serafim Gascoigne,
Landing Place

Chapter 21: Dr. Robert E. McGinnis,
Raised in Paradise

Chapter 22: Dr. Robert E. McGinnis,
White Bird Returns

Chapter 23: Cheryl Rogers, Just Like
Jonah Wail Tales

Chapter 24: Evelyn Uslar-Pietri,
Pirate’s Gold, Treasure to Die For

Chapter 25: Amanda Washington,
Chronicles of the Broken

Children’s Picture Books

Chapter 26: Judi Chesshir, My Finny Fin

Chapter 27: Brenda K. Hendricks, What’s
Better Than That, Seren Dippity?

Chapter 28: Jay Miller, Sal and Sally

Chapter 29: Sherrill S. Cannon, Santa’s
Birthday Gift

Section 3


Chapter 30: Nike Chillemi, Burning
Hearts, recipes

Chapter 31: Saundra Dalton-Smith,
Finding Your G.R.A.C.E. Place , a devotional

Chapter 32: Amy Deardon, The Story
Template: Conquer Writer’s Block Using the Universal Structure of Story

Chapter 33: Rose Allen McCauley,
Regeneration, short story

Chapter 34: B.J. Robinson, Hope Lives
Even as a Last Resort, a devotional

Section 4



Chapter 35: Deborah H. Bateman, The
Book of Ruth-A Story of Love and Redemption

Chapter 36: Carol A. Brown, The Mystery
of Spiritual Sensitivity

Chapter 37: Sana Edoja, Knowing God

Chapter 38: Anita Estes, When God

Chapter 39: S.E. Gregg, The Christian
Olympics, Going for the Gold Crowns

Chapter 40: CJ and Shelley Hitz,
Forgiveness Formula: Finding Lasting Freedom in Christ

Chapter 41: Paulette Harper Johnson,
Completely Whole

Chapter 42: Ray W. Lincoln,

Chapter 43: Patty Mason, Transformed by
Desire: A Journey of Awakening to Life and Love

Chapter 44: Kimberley Payne, Fit for
Faith – 7 Weeks to Improved Spiritual & Physical Health

Chapter 45: Scott M. Shafer, Receiving

Chapter 46: Joyce Schneider, Sticks and
Stones May Break My Bones But Words Can Kill My Spirit

Chapter 47: Yvonne Pat Wright, From
Spice to Eternity, Discovering the Main Ingredient to a Life of Fulfillment and


Chapter 48: Janet Perez Eckles, Simply
Salsa: Dancing Without Fear at God’s Fiesta

Chapter 49: Theresa Franklin, Journey to
Fulfillment, From Stumbling Blocks to Stepping Stones

Chapter 50: Sally Franz, Scrambled
Leggs…A Snarky Tale of Hospital Hooey

Chapter 51: Kimberly J. James, Running
on G: What’s Filling Your Tank?

Chapter 52: Deborah McCarragher,
Mission Possible – Spiritual Covering

Chapter 53: Anita Mellot, School Is
Where the Home Is

Chapter 54: Mogama, Refugee Was My Name

Chapter 55: Debra A. Newell, A Strand
of Pearls

Chapter 56: Lorilyn Roberts, Children
of Dreams

Chapter 57: Alberta Sequeira, Someone
Stop This Merry-Go-Round: An Alcoholic Family in Crisis

Chapter 58: Jessica Zondervan,
Breathing on Purpose: Surviving the Death of a Loved One

Section 5

Farewell Thoughts

Author Biographies