Best Network Marketing Training Audio CD Package on Amazon. MLM Training from Dale Calvert. Proven, unique methods and insights to build your network marketing team from a pro who has helped networkers around the world build full-time incomes.


These 9 CD’s were originally produced for a network marketing company called My Premier Business. You will learn unique leadership concepts and marketing methods that will take your focus and success to new heights. Mr. Calvert has been training six figure network marketing leaders for over 30 years. His unique, no fluff style will give you insights into what it takes to develop a large duplicating team that are simply not available anywhere at any price.

Just a few of the Topics covered are:

* * What has happened to duplication over the past 15 years * Developing real marketers * Developing real leaders * The Recruiting Process * Why Local Prospecting Just Makes Sense * Never Invite to a Business Overview * Recruiting Leverage * No Exception Rule * Two Indicators of Potential Leadership * The Challenge to Lead * Stop Over Training and learn to play ball * Establishing Your Advertising Budget * Advertising 101 * Drop the Bomb * A TEAM Attitude * Developing Your Weekly Rythme * Daily Lead Generation * The Neuropsychology of Self Dscipline * The Best Kept Secret of the Rich AND MUCH MUCH MORE.

If you don’t feel the information on these CD’s are the most unique, one-of-a-king concepts you have ever heard, and that the implementation of these methods, will pay you back 100 times your $49.00 investment almost immediately, we demand that you return them to Amazon for a full refund. Don’t waste another dime on MLM Training Fluff from “Gurus” that are only trying to “Attract” you into their personal downline. Mr. Calvert has retired from building teams and been training industry six figure earners for the past 15+ years. Add these 9 CD’s to your cart right now, while they are fresh on your mind.

Product Features

  • ?9 Training CD’s from America’s #1 No Fluff Network Marketing Trainer
  • ?Each CD contains 60 minutes of pure MLM insights & concepts you will not find anywhere else
  • ?The inside Secrets and Ideas you will learn will take your business to a new level of Success
  • The inside Secrets and Ideas you will learn will take your business to a new level of Success

50 Photo, Video & Audio Home Business Ideas

It has become inexpensive to start a career in this industry, compared to a few years ago. Also, you can create product much quicker and with a much shorter learning curve than before. At no time has the photo, video and audio industry been more exciting than this one. The opportunities are huge if you have a creative eye and are prepared to keep up to date with the technological advancements.

Please note that this E-booklet does not supply you with business plans! It supplies you with practical ideas that you need to implement on your own. These ideas can easily trigger off many other possible ventures. It’s aimed at people who want to work for themselves and become independent. Whether you are just looking for that extra money every month to make ends meet, or want to start a new career, this is definitely worth a read.

The other E-booklets in the series cover the following topics:

Book 1: Administrative Home Business Ideas you can do in your Pajama’s
Book 2: Home Business Ideas with Arts & Crafts
Book 3: Home Business Ideas with Design & Print
Book 4: Home Business Ideas Handyman/DIY Supply & Fit
Book 5: Home Business Ideas Home Services Outside the Home
Book 6: Home Business Ideas with the Internet
Book 8: Home Business Ideas teach Your Skill to Others
Book 9: Home Business Ideas using Transport, i.e. your Car, Motor Cycle or Bicycle
Book 10: Home Business Ideas Personal Service & Treatments at Home

Network Marketing Training HOW TO SAK DISTRIBUTORS Sponsor Activate and Keep – Classic MLM Training Audio CD by Dale Calvert

Classic MLM Training CD from Network Marketing Legend Dale Calvert.

If you want solid direction on how to:

S ponor

A ctivate &

K eep your team members productive and growing.

The SAK training CD will provide you with deep insights into building a network marketing team that you simply cannot find from anyone in world except Mr. Calvert aka “The MLM Profit”

Don’t waste your training and self education dollars on bogus gurus who are more interested in backing you into their downline than helping you grow your existing business. Mr. Calvert is the gurus guru who has developed more six figure earners than any modern day network marketing trainer.

I you don’t love this Training CD we demand you return it for a full refund. Add it to your cart now and gain insights and a recruiting system that allowed Dale to build a team with over 1,000 5 & 6 figure earners & millions of dollars in personal income.

Product Features

  • Classic Training Program from America’s #1 NO FLUFF Network Marketing Trainer Dale Calvert AKA “The MLM Profit”
  • Recorded before a Live Audience
  • The S A K System was responsible for developing a team of over 60,000 distributors
  • How Dale developed a personal team with over 1000 five and six figure earners
  • Don’t waste your training dollars on bogus, self proclaimed gurus who want to back you into their program. Learn how to build it where you are with the SAK System