Mobile Game Marketing and Consumer Behaviour: Industry trends and analysis with examples on how to design a better Monetization Funnel and increase Lifetime Value

The mobile gaming market is defined as the ensemble of companies that support the production, development, advertisement and distribution of video games to be played on non-traditional handheld devices. Three important steps in the history of the mobiles games value chain jeopardized many companies’ ability to monetize their games. Even though the mobile gaming industry is relatively young, figures from year 2013 show that global revenues are large. Moreover the rising digitization of the products, coupled with a strong democratization of the Internet and an increase in the smartphones and tablets’ penetration is stimulating market growth. Another factor favouring growth is the exponential diffusion of free-to-play games effectively transforming the mobile gaming market from a product into a service industry. This books wants to convey to the reader that companies in the industry need to adapt to the market’s rapid transformations by quickly converting their business model as to include consumer analysis and big data analytics.

Mobile Applications Market Analysis: Turkish Market Edition

Globally, the mobile application market is a multi-billion dollar market: its revenues amounted to 41.1 billion USD in 2015 and are expected to reach more than 100 billion USD by 2020, via app stores.

This is a lucrative playground for both independent and corporate developers, especially in Turkey, as it accounts for 25 million of smartphones users, which is the major driving factor of mobile application market.

As we are willing to develop mobile applications for companies in Turkey and possibly worldwide, the aim of this report will consist of analyzing Turkey’s current and forecast environment and mobile app market, while identifying risks and opportunities of such a business development.

New Concepts and Methods in Air Traffic Management (Transportation Analysis)

This volume is a compendium of papers presented during the International Workshop on Air Traffic Management, which took place in Capri, Italy, on September 26-30, 1999. The workshop was organized by Italian National Research Council in co-operation with the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This was the fifth in a series of meetings held periodically over a ten-year span for the purpose of encouraging an exchange of views and fmdings by scientists in the field of Air Traffic Management (A TM). The papers presented at the workshop dealt with a wide range of topics and covered different aspects that are currently important in Air Traffic Control and Air Traffic Management. This volume contains only a subset of the papers presented, namely the ones that addressed the main area emphasis in the workshop, new concepts and methods. The subject of the first two papers is Collaborative Decision Making (CDM), a concept which embodies, to a large extent, the new philosophy of partial decentralization and increased delegation of responsibilities to users in A TM operations. In the first of these papers Wambsganss describes the original CDM project and its initial implementation in the form of the Ground Delay Program Enhancements. He also provides a brief description of some of the tools that have been developed as part of the CDM effort and identifies future research and development requirements.

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