From Likes To Leads: 36 Ways For Agents To Optimize Social Media And Make It Work For You

“The power of social media is it forces necessary change.” – Erik Qualman

Turn Your Social Media Into Sales Without Breaking Your Bank Account!

Create powerful change in your sales and lead generation by utilizing and optimizing your social media presence. Learn 36 methods of how to best engage your audience and turn them into YOUR brand advocates to keep customer’s coming in!

Insurance agents and financial services reps spend countless hours and money to get in front of people to sell their products. In this book, Luke shows you how to work smarter, not harder, to obtain the relationships and sales needed to make your agency grow through social media.

About The Author

Luke Kinton is a former insurance agent turned sales and digital marketing consultant/coach dedicated to helping insurance agents and financial representatives adapt to the changing demographics and Insurtech automation by using relationships and consultative selling to help agents stay relevant during changing times. He currently is licensed in P&C, Life/Health, and is registered with FINRA with his Series 6 & 63.

Wildfire Service Excellence: Six Imperatives for Real Estate Agents to Convert Clients into Advocates (The Real Estate Referral Series Book 1)

There are secrets. There are things that great real estate agents do that the rest don’t. In this booklet Steven Johnstone teaches through six of these secrets – simple and yet astoundingly powerful techniques to use with current clients that will exponentially increase the number of referrals you are currently receiving.

FACEBOOK MARKETING: The Seller’s Guide for Real-Estate Agents

Within this 12 page eBook you will get information through a step by step process on how to market your brand through Facebook marketing. I designed this eBook specifically for realtors but can be used for anyone looking to maximize their brand and funnel your traffic to your website and create an email list.

Real Estate Agent: 2.0 – The Six Figure Success Formula Of Selling Real Estate Like It’s Nothing (Real Estate, Real Estate Agent, Real Estate Marketing, … Media For Real Estate Agents, & More)

Learn To Sell Real Estate Like It’s Nothing

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.


So, what is it that makes a successful real estate agent?
Most get into the business simply because they want to make good money, preferably six figures or more. While from an outside perspective it often appears that agents get paid way too much for doing just a little work, the reality is that the life of an agent is not all roses and sunshine, all that glitters is not gold. It usually takes a long time until the average agent starts making decent money but people love seeing the glamour without paying attention to all the sweat equity that was put in during long nights and behind closed doors. So why am I telling you all of this? Am I trying to stop you from becoming an agent? No. The life of an agent can be stressful and success might seem far away at times but not if you have a waterproof plan at hand. There is a few that become successful quicker and reach higher levels of success than the average agent. Those are the ones that know how to work “the system”.

“To my real estate agent, Chernobyl is a fixer-upper.” – Yakov Smirnoff

The “Real Estate Agent 2.0” provides you with all the tools and knowledge you need to scale up your business fast and easy by simply following the steps provided in this book. All you need to do is to trust this process! The “Six Figure Success Formula” will enable you to market and promote yourself effectively, generate leads, get clients, receive referrals, and close deals. This book is a comprehensive guide that includes everything the modern agent needs to know about how to run a successful real estate business in today’s world and market. From the pure basics to utilizing social media to your advantage and innovative, creative lead-generation, “Real Estate Agent 2.0” has it and teaches you about it. Regardless of if you are just getting started as an agent or wether you already have been in the business for some time and just want to learn more and expand your horizon, this book is for you.

Watch your income increase by using the “Six Figure Success Formula”.

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REAL ESTATE: A Guide for First Time Agents to Effectively Grow Your Business From Nothing to a Sustainable Growing Career (Beginner’s Guide, Career Management, Lead Generation, Real Estate Investors)

People usually go into real estate because they are attracted to the flexible hours, opportunities to earn large amounts of money, and to build a business that will grow their income every year. This means you have to be willing to learn the steps it takes to get business from day one. Some of the strategies will involve changing your personal approach and leveraging yours and others’ skills in more ways than one. You also have to figure out the types of clients and investors you want to work with if your business is to grow to the next level.

rom now on, this book should be part of your personal real estate education guide. Read it as many times as you like, and take the proposed actions. If you commit to applying and utilizing the knowledge you gain from this, then the sky is the limit.

Here are a few things you can expect to learn:

  • Strategies for Starting Out
  • How to Make Your First Commission…Quick
  • Real Estate Investing
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Grow Your Business with Virtual Assistants
  • …and much more…

The Official Guide To Selling Final Expense Insurance: The Proven Final Expense Insurance Sales And Lead Generation System Used By Top Final Expense Agents Across The Country

The Most Comprehensive Guide To Successfully Selling Final Expense Life Insurance – From The Perspective Of A Time-Tested, In-The Trenches, Final Expense Agent! With more people now than ever interested in selling final expense life insurance, it is now more important than ever to develop a comprehensive approach to lead generation, prospecting, presenting, and closing final expense life insurance business. Taking his own experience successfully selling final expense burial insurance and from his experience training hundreds of final expense agents nationally, David Duford has put together a strategic system of selling final expense within this book, designed to maximize new and experienced agents’ success. The Official Guide To Selling Final Expense Insurance provides the strategies and tactics to develop agents into top-producing final expense agents. This handbook explains how to: -Ensure you find the best final expense agency to partner with. -Duplicate David’s system of success that he teaches his final expense agent partners. -How to effectively sell final expense in a low-key, customer-focused approach, maximizing income and quality of business.

Pinnable Real Estate: Pinterest for Real Estate Agents: How To Drive Traffic To Your Real Estate Website & Grow Your Sphere Fast!

As a real estate agent, it’s important that your client gets to know, like & trust you! Pinterest gives you the opportunity for a potential client to do this in one glance.

Pinterest is the fastest growing social network in the world. The largest category pinned on Pinterest

is “HOME”. Discover how you, the real estate agent, can drive traffic to your real estate website and grow your sphere fast using Pinterest!

The National Association of Real Estate says Pinterest is driving more traffic than google+ & YouTube, AND the largest category on Pinterest is “HOME”, but most real estate agents aren’t capitalizing on this.

Pinnable Real Estate: Pinterest for Real Estate Agents is written for real estate agents specifically, on becoming a power pinner & succeeding in real estate lead generation by driving more traffic to your real estate website.

In This Book, You’ll Learn:

==>Exactly What You Need to Know About Pinterest to succeed as a real estate agent on Pinterest

==>What to Pin

==>How to Create your own images for Pinterest

==>The Necessary Steps to successfully growing your sphere using Pinterest

==>How to Drive Traffic to Your Real Estate Website Using Pinterest

==>What Power Real Estate Agents Are Doing on Pinterest

==>How to Use Keywords to Be Successful on Pinterest

==>The Easiest Way to Generate More Leads using Pinterest