By the Numbers Advantage Meal Solutions Success Plan: One of the most affordable home-based cooking self-employment opportunities you will ever find.

This is the second introductory book in the Advantage Meal Solutions Success Plan. The First book told the story of our family and business. This book begins to give you access to the data you need to decide if you are ready to be self-employed in a meal solutions business. The meal solutions business is a cutting edge business model that avoids the complexities and expenses associated with traditional franchises. This affordable home-based business model just might transform your life.

Introductory Book: Advantage Meal Solutions Success Plan: One of the most affordable home-based cooking self-employment opportunities you will ever find.

With this introductory book, you have a chance to understand the Meal Solutions Business Model that we created before you invest significant time or resources to start your own business. When you decide to become self-employed, Advantage Meal Solutions is ready to assist with a very affordable and proven Success Plan. Your new business can reward you with a steady income, an unparalleled quality of life, and a sense of pride that the service your family business offers makes your community a better place to live. We know that this can work for your family, because it has already worked for ours.

SMS Marketing For Small Businesses: How your small business can thrive with easy, affordable text message marketing!

SMS Marketing – It’s the fastest growing marketing channel in America today. Every day, tens of thousands of businesses market to their customers with text messages.

Why? Over 96 percent of text messages are read because they’re short, direct, timely and every phone receives them. As long as you respect the personal nature of the message, and get your customer’s permission to text them, SMS is the most cost effective way to connect with your customers.

Learn how your small business can easily, affordably reach your customers with text messages. Build customer loyalty, increase your revenues, and engage with new customers.

Text SMSBook to 313131 right now to see how your business can use SMS Marketing (US Only). Msg&data rates may apply. To opt out, text STOP to 313131.

Small Business Ideas: The 5 Fastest and Most Affordable Business Ideas That You Can Start From Your Home Today


Learn The Best Tricks And Tips For Staring Your New Business From Home

Do you like to work from the confines of your own home and pick your own time to work? Are you looking for the different avenues which can help you make the most out of your need to start a small business at home?

If you are looking for answers to the above questions, you have come to the right place. “Small Business Ideas From Home” is the best possible book where you can get some of the finest answers and the right information as well.

What Are The Possible Business Opportunities?

When you want to start a small business from home, the very first question which you would like to ask yourself is the streams of business you want to pick. It is important to gain a clear insight into the different businesses that seem to offer you a good career. In this book, we are going to offer you some of the best business opportunities you could have asked for.

Here are the things you will come across in the book.

The main facts you need to know pertaining to small business from home.

What are the odds of selling successfully on eBay?

Can an Etsy store offer good dividends?

How good is the field of online bookselling?

Is freelance writing really a big and booming business?

Coaching and counseling services- the things to know

The key tips and some tricks you need to know.

These are just a snapshot of what you can learn from this book.

Can I Really Start My Own Business From Home?

If you are still wondering as to whether or not you can start your business from home, the answer is yes. Start your own journey today and bring a new change in your life. When you are going through this book, you will get all the resources and facts which in turn is going to help you make your dream come true.

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