Add-On Computer AM667D2DFB5/4GKIT 4 GB Kit (2 x 2 GB) DDR2 Memory Module – 667 MHz – FB DIMM

AddOn FACTORY ORIGINAL 4GB KIT 2X2G DDR2-667MHz FB DIMM – 667MHz – Fully Buffered – DIMM – AddOn FACTORY ORIGINAL 4GB KIT 2X2G DDR2-667MHz FB DIMM – AddOn FACTORY ORIGINAL 4GB KIT 2X2G DDR2-667MHz FB DIMM – 667MHz – Fully Buffered – DIMM – 4GB KIT (2X2G) MAJOR DRAM DDR2 667MHZ DUAL RANK ECC FULLY BUFFERED – Marketing Info: – Acp-ep Computer’s entire line of memory modules allows you and your business to be more efficient. Our memory line includes the most reliable & high performing memory modules. – Item-Type: – RAM Module. . Item-Part-No#: AM667D2DFB5/4GKIT. Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime – AddOn FACTORY ORIGINAL 4GB KIT 2X2G DDR2-667MHz FB DIMM – 667MHz – Fully Buffered – DIMM –

2nd Generation Convex Blind Spot Mirror, BORWAY Circle Frameless Add-on Car Mirror, Rotatable Rear-Viewing Mirror [Easy Fast DIY Installation] for Car, Taxi, Motorcycle (ABS Mirrors, 2 Packs)

100% brand new
Net Weight: 11g
Packing: 2 pcs for an independent package
Materials: Electroplated coating ABS materials, plastic support, 3M tape slice
Size: Diameter 1.96 inch for lens, diameter 1.18 inch for base, 0.47 inch by height.

What is ABS material?
ABS is short for words acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, it is a kind of material with high strength, good toughness, easy to machine-shaping, thermoplastic polymer, and widely used for printer, camera, car, fridge, hair dryer, lawn mower…

How to install these blind spot mirrors?
Most drivers fit them to the lower, outside corner of the wing mirrors. To install the blind spot mirror, we need to clean both exterior side-view mirrors of the vehicle with alcohol pads or a cotton ball slightly, make sure the surface of mirror dries completely, before tearing the paper cover off from the adhesive backing of the mirrors, be sure your vehicle’s exterior side-view mirrors are properly positioned, locate the placement position in the uppermost inside corner of both exterior side-view mirrors of your vehicle while making sure the total view mirrors ‘adhesive backing’ will still have full contact with the mirrors’ surface for secure installation, remove the paper covers from the adhesive backing of each total view mirror, lightly mount one total view mirror on each exterior side-view mirror on your vehicle in the pre-determined position, remove and re-position if necessary. Once properly positioned, apply moderate pressure on each total view mirror for approximately 20 seconds to securely attach.

Notes & Attention:
It’s important to note that if other people are going to be driving this vehicle, they may need to adjust the total view mirrors accordingly, total view mirrors should always be checked by the driver for optimal view positioning before driving.

Product Features

  • Electroplated ABS coating material, it has a longer life-span due to the material itself, the optical quality is good, and there are no bezels or edges, just a clean chrome surface, rimless and ultra-thin slim body.
  • 2 packs for an independent package, the extremely useful convex blind spot mirror helps drivers to see the following cars behind when driving or changing lanes, it makes that easier for drivers to observe their tire condition, park cars or not to curb rims with this mirror’s assistance.
  • The mirror is connected onto a rotatable base, they are adjustable once we stick them onto the mirrors so we can get the right angle and they seem to adhere very well, which allows it for full maneuverability in all angles of our vehicle so we are comforted with the ease of driving.
  • Tiny and lightweight, rimless body, it’s suitable for car interior or exterior use, it works as a little baby rear-view mirror to watch our lovely babies without turning head back, the mirror doesn’t vibrate or distort things or images too much, it will not fog up, no too much glare at night.
  • With 360° adjustable and rotatable viewing angle, it reduces blind spot for highest safety rate, we feel much safer. All these mirrors come with the mirror and base separate, it uses 3M tape to help stabilize on the rear.

AddOn – Memory Upgrades FACTORY ORIGINAL 8GB DDR2-667MHz FB DIMM KIT (466440-B21-AM) –

Main Features

  • Standard Warranty: Lifetime Limited
  • Manufacturer/Supplier: AddOn – Memory Upgrades
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 466440-B21-AM
  • Manufacturer Website Address:
  • Brand Name: AddOn – Memory Upgrades
  • Product Model: 466440-B21-AM
  • Marketing Information: These parts are FACTORY ORIGINAL Tier 1 modules (from either Samsung, Micron, Hynix, Infineon, etc.) You cannot buy a better module, and there is a good chance that it is an identical module you may get directly from the OEM. All ACP modules are built to meet or exceed OEM specifications, and JEDEC standards. All memory modules come with a Lifetime warranty and are 100% guaranteed compatible for the appropriate systems it is intended for. (Actual ACP part shipped is AM667D2DFB5/8GKIT)
  • Product Type: RAM Module
  • Memory Size: 8 GB
  • Memory Technology: DDR2 SDRAM
  • Number of Modules: 2 x 4 GB
  • Memory Speed: 667 MHz
  • Memory Standard: DDR2-667/PC2-5300
  • Signal Processing: Fully Buffered
  • Number of Pins: 240-pin
  • Form Factor: DIMM

Product Features

  • New
  • addon 466440-b21-am 8gb kit 2x4g ddr2-667mhz fbd f/ hp kth-xw667/8g factory original