Overcoming Opportunity Addiction: How to Finally Break the Cycle of Distraction and Failure and Do Work that Really Matters


Have you tried and failed to start a personal enterprise as an alternative to a traditional job? Have you invested in training and systems and “turn-key” solutions, but nothing seems to work for you? Tried Network Marketing? Internet Marketing? Real Estate Investing?

I feel your pain.

Overcoming Opportunity Addiction is an account of my personal struggle. I tried everything imaginable.

I borrowed money from my mother to by courses from infomercials.

I went to live seminars.

I ordered courses online.

I read books….

I had all of the knowledge, but I just could not breakthrough. I was also among the vast majority of people who had “typical results”

“Maybe I just don’t have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?” I thought.

So then I worked on myself. Personal development…that is the answer right?

I read all the right books, listened to the audio programs, went to workshops.

But still…I never really broke through.

Overcoming Opportunity Addiction is the story the emotional roller coaster that may be familiar to many of you. I learned how to step off of the roller coaster long enough to make some changes, overcome fear and anxiety, and…one day at a time, overcome the powerful addiction that was ruining my chance for success.

If you are struggling and…maybe you have even given up a time or ten..you may have just the answer you have been seeking. You may see something of yourself in my story and finally get to the bottom of what has kept you down.

This is my hope for you.

Even if you don’t find that answer today (I don’t have all of them) that you don’t give up your search. You are a singular phenomenon in the history of the universe. There never has been, nor will there ever again be,another you. We need you to shine.