HOW TO MAKE $30,000 PER MONTH WITH A WEBSITE IN LESS THAN 30 MINUTES: The Secret Formula : Make Passive Income Online with The Only Method that Actually Works

The Step by Step Guide to Launch Your Own Online Authority Website Making Make Passive Income With A Website In Less Than 30 Minutes per month In Less Than 30 Minutes

The Ultimate Guide to Making Money With A Websites, Make Passive Income Online with The Only Method that Actually Works


• You can start from home, part time while continuing to work your full time job.
• You can get started with a minimal investment.
• There are no set hours.

Whether you are looking for extra income, or seeking a full-time business opportunity, this eBooks will explain the exact online reveals the blueprint anyone can follow to go from 0 to $30,000 per month in profit with their own authority website in less than 30 minutes.

If you’ve ever wanted to know the secret to creating passive income in the quickest and easiest way from your website – so that you can make extra money, or even replace your income…This book will give you the answers you need.

Remember, you can begin making extra income, or even replace your income, with the information you will read in this book. So, Why wait?

I explain to you each and every phase you need to finish for making this happens.

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This guide goes in depth into the actual strategies make income specialists use to generate revenue from website in less than 30 minutes.

*** In This Book You will learn ***
• How To Start Business And Make Money From Home
• What are Niche Websites?
• How to Develop Money From Websites
• How To Earn Massive Dollars through Niche Websites
• How to Make Money with a Website
• Build your own WordPress website in less than 30 minutes
• Niche Websites for Passive Income
• Make Money From Home
• How To Make Passive Income From Website
• Websites That Make You Money
• Passive Income Online

Much, much more, tips, tricks.

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The 10-Second Commute: A Scam-Free Guide to Finding a Work-from-Home Career with a Credible Company: How to Find a Real Remote Job that Actually Pays the Bills

This book is a beginner’s guide to finding work from home jobs as an employee — ones that offer stability, security, and, in many cases, are benefits eligible. Essentially, the same kinds of jobs you find in millions of office buildings around the world but that offer the flexibility and autonomy that comes with working from your home office.

To find these jobs, (they do exist!) we’ll profile reputable companies with distributed workforces, identify big-name brands and businesses with remote positions, and discuss outsourced companies that routinely hire at-home workers. There’s also tons of helpful advice for sourcing legitimate home-based positions on your own by scouring websites, job boards, and career pages of remote-friendly companies.

Your First $1000 – How to Start an Online Business that Actually Makes Money

Imagine Starting an Online Business that Generates $1000

Want to make money on the Internet? Tired of being told it’s easy to generate millions online? Looking for a REALISTIC strategy for REAL people?

It is possible to create an income-generating website. The problem? You can’t do it overnight — Despite what you’ve been told by the ‘Internet gurus.’ The secret to online passive income is to start small and scale up your business.

In the guide “Your First $1000”, you’ll get a 7-step plan for building a profitable website. It’s different from other eBooks because you’ll replicate a proven process that works in a variety of niches and marketplaces.

Stop Believing the Lies — Learn the *Right* Way to Make Money Online

You’ve probably been spoon-fed the lie that making money is as easy as downloading a piece of *magic* software. You know that’s BS! A successful online business requires effort and a daily commitment.

Your first goal is to reach the $1000 milestone. But there’s nothing to stop from going after the $2,000, $10,000, even the $100,000 milestone. Once you understand the process, it’s not hard to replicate this success and scale your business.

Follow the 7-Step Plan for Making $1000

“Your First $1000” details a complete blueprint for making your first dollars online. The best part? It can be done in a simple 7-step process.

You’ll learn how to:

  1. Find a Niche Site Idea that’s Actually Profitable
  2. Locate a Killer Offer Which Perfectly Matches the Needs of Your Market
  3. Build Your First Website Using Four Simple Tools
  4. Write High-Converting Content Pages
  5. Build Quality Backlinks to Your Money-Making Website
  6. Diversify Web Traffic to Avoid Penalties By Google
  7. Scale this Online Business into a Full-Time Income

You can make money on the Internet! Just follow this blueprint and you’ll learn a proven system for starting an online business.

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The Savvy Solopreneur’s Guide To Networking: Making meaningful connections with people you actually like (The Savvy Solopreneur’s Guide Book 3)

This short, no-fluff guide to networking is aimed at helping you make stronger, more meaningful connections with the right people, without spending an overwhelming amount of time on your networking activities.

It covers networking online and off, looking at:

• Who you need in your networks (including influencers, connectors and advocates as well as customers and potential customers)

• How to leverage the various groups within your networks to help you meet your business objectives

• How to set objectives for your networking (and how to meet them)

• How to grow and engage your networks

• What to share to attract and engage your perfect network

• Networking online via social media, online forums and email marketing

• Where to find places to network in the real world

• How to optimize and automate your online networks

Who is this book for?

This is the third ebook in The Savvy Solopreneur series, aimed at anyone who works as a entrepreneur with no full-time employees. If you’re a blogger, author, network marketer, coach or online tutor, you’re probably a solopreneur. If you have collaborators, affiliates and a team you outsource to, but no employees that rely on you for a full-time wage, you’re probably a solopreneur. If you feel like your business only runs if you do all the tasks associated with it, you’re a solopreneur. If this sounds like you, take a look at this book, and let’s start using your networks to support you and work for you, using strategies and processes that actually work.

This is not a book about specific social media platforms (although we’ll certainly look at using social media as part of your networking activities). It takes a big picture approach to networking, covering strategies and tactics that will work for any business and on any platform. Each chapter has action lists to help you put into process everything you learn as you go through the book.

118 Side Gigs That Actually Make Money

Hey there,

Welcome to this helpful and crazy list of side gigs. This will help you get more cash in your pocket. I am so glad you decided to pick this up. We could all use a little extra dough to stuff in our wallet. Some gigs on this list will surprise you, like, where you can rent your day to someone who needs a friend. Who knew you can do normal activities and get paid? Or have you ever been told you have nice voice? Become a voice over actor. Folks will pay you cold hard cash to just read into a microphone. And yes of course we include simple things like mowing a lawn, or delivering pizza. But did you know, you can make up to $1000 for selling your hair online? What!? Yes sir, welcome to your ultimate resource to make extra money. I hope you make enough extra cash to pay off some debt, go on a nice date and of course, start your own business that gives you freedom.

What Is This book?

You should expect this book to inspire you and inform you of all the possibilities for making extra money. Some of these task are super simple and only require some simple knowledge. As you find your way, make sure to test out more options, and see what pays the most. This list will make you laugh, and some gigs will make you question your current job. But mostly this book will get you off the couch and onto your next hustle.

Who Is This Book For?

This book is for anyone who legitimately wants to make an extra side income. Maybe you have a friend who is in a bind. Or your kids just want to play video games at home, and they need some motivation. Maybe you have your eye on a huge vacation, and just need the savings to get there. Whatever the reason, you and anyone else can make extra money to support a better lifestyle.

Who Made This Book?

I, John-Zach Calhoon have been testing out side gigs or “hustles” for years. And I wanted to share some insight for readers everywhere. I have heard too many excuses and way too many complaints about money. Its time you to start grinding the old fashion way, with good honest work. Of course some jobs are harder than others, but the essence of a side gig is to make you an extra $1,000 bucks a month in order to accomplish a particular goal. Some folks want to start a business and take huge risk, while others just need some extra cash. If you really want an extra $1,000 dollars a month, here are some rock solid ways to get there. And I bet it will take less work than you think.

What Should I Do Next?

Read through this entire list. Really check out the whole thing. Then take some time to research your different options. I hope you get inspired and start today!

If you need help starting your own side business, and you need an online store to get started, check out Download your free guide, “18 Simple Steps to Creating An Online Store.”

Remember, you are only limited by your effort. Get started with you first side income, and you never know, maybe you make enough cash to quit your day job.

How to Make $30,000 Per Month With Your Own Online Authority Business: Make Money Online with The Only Method that Actually Works

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The Step by Step Guide to Launch Your Own Online Authority Business Making as much as $30,000 per month

In this book, writer and entrepreneur Chris Karlas reveals the blueprint anyone can follow to go from 0 to $30,000 per month in profit with their own authority business.

The Key to this “Online Authority Business Blueprint” working is that it shows you how to choose the right niche, build an audience, and monetize that audience.

Unlike other books that only tell part of the story, this book explains once and for all why some people make a full time income online while others struggle to make any money at all.

Don’t bother with some of these half-baked 30 page books that give common sense you’ve already seen a hundred times before. This is a 20,000+ word guide that covers topics nobody else talks about.

A few of the things revealed in this book:

**How To Choose A Profitable Topic

**The ONE Main Mistake Everyone Makes

**How to Get Tons of FREE Traffic Without SEO!

**Access to My List of The Best Business Resources Online

**How to Build an Audience that Can’t Wait to Buy From You

**Much, Much, More

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