Consulting For Dummies


Consulting For Dummies, 2nd Edition includes a reorganization and narrower focus of the topic, with new or updated information that delves into the specifics of running your own consulting business. There is greater emphasis on the business of consulting, along with financial and legal issues involved in setting up a consulting business, deepening coverage of consulting proposals, and entirely new chapters on higher-level consulting issues that more-established consultants are demanding.


2 thoughts on “Consulting For Dummies

  1. Definitely for beginners Consulting for Dummies follows the Dummies formula – broad but not deep. I bought this book without really checking it out, and it ended up not containing the information I was interested in (financial and legal aspects of running a consulting business) What this book does have is good information on ethics, pricing, marketing yourself, and writing a brochure to describe what you do. If you’re completely new to running your own business or consulting (maybe on the side), this would…

  2. A Guide for Beginners Consulting for Dummies by Bob Nelson and Peter Economy International Data Group Books Worldwide, Inc. 1997Consulting for Dummies is a practical guide for anyone considering the field of consulting for either part time or full time employment. The book is written in a clear, understandable format and is interspersed with interviews with actual consultants to give a first hand view of what goes on in the life of a consultant. A wide range of consulting experiences is addressed – from…

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