Best Home Businesses for People 50+


For the fastest-growing segment of our population, here is a comprehensive guide to starting and running a home-based business in midlife and retirement.

A baby boomer turns fifty every seven seconds, creating what will soon be the largest and most influential senior generation in history. These dynamic seniors have both a desire and a need to continue their working lives past the age when their parents retired.

Boomers have been the primary buyers of more than one million self-employment guides by Paul and Sarah Edwards-and they now have the perfect handbook to take them into the second half of life.

The Best Home Businesses for People 50+ features seventy comprehensive profiles that show how to select, start, run, and build a home-based business suited to the needs, talents, and ideals of the over-fifty generation. Each business listing-for careers ranging in diversity from Makeup Artist to Tax Preparer to Information Broker-addresses the concerns of boomers and seniors, including:

– Businesses that people 50+ can continue working in for 10-15 years.
– Businesses that supplement your retirement income.
– Businesses adaptable to a wide variety of locations.
– Businesses with flexible hours to allow for family, travel, and other priorities.
– Businesses suited to a broad range of health and wellness needs.

Profiles of successful business owners and a treasury of online and easy-to-access resources round out The Best Home Businesses for People 50+ to create an indispensable resource for this new generation of career-oriented seniors.

Product Features

  • 2004 – Tarcher/ Penguin Books – 1st Edition
  • The Best Home Businesses for People Over 50+
  • By Paul and Sarah Edwards
  • NEW – Never Touched
  • Collectible


3 thoughts on “Best Home Businesses for People 50+

  1. Well Researched, Well Written I was kind of skeptical when I picked up this book. I was expecting to see comments of having a dream of being your own boss, etc. Then I found a section on Why a Home-Based Business at Fifty-Plus – and it was right on. the authors listed seven reasons people would want to keep working and Why a Home-Based Business at Fifty-Plus makes sense.The third reason was “Unexpected Problems Have Sidetracked Our Plans.” My father worked for one company for 35+ years, then they laid him…

  2. Practical and Helpful– Brimming Over with Ideas If you’re over 50, or even just approaching that age, you’ll want to read this book. Unfortunately, ageism is a very real issue, but the Edwards’ explain how to turn a perceived drawback into a very strong asset. They identify jobs that are well suited to those 50+, including some you probably didn’t think of (e.g., Wedding Planner, Daily Money Manager, etc.). Aside from the job descriptions, I really like the resources sections, which point you to places for more details. Highly recommended.

  3. Buy this one, save your money on the rest The authors are long-standing, genuine experts on self-employment, and this is one of the best of their many books. It’s well-researched, thorough, specific and an excellent place to start your research into what you really want to do — and might realistically be able to do — in your later-life career. I’ve been pretty good at reinventing myself several times, careerwise, but this book had info on occupations and solo or small businesses that I didn’t even know existed. As a reality check,…

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