Tactic Mobile: Phase 1 Guide – How To Get Started With Your Mobile App Like An Expert: This is a guide filled with the process, hacks, and tools for creating a successful app in the app stores.

Throughout this book, I’ll use experience from start-ups of my own to success stories and pitfalls of some of my client’s mobile app ventures. These insights will span from the start-up entrepreneur to the Fortune 100 company executive.

I’ll talk about economic trends happening on a global scale, and how global trends are impacting the digital landscape as a whole. Including the various nuances and hacks to leverage through the process when going from an idea to a market-viable mobile app.

I GUARANTEE that by the end of this book you will have learned something worth at least $30,000, since that’s the minimum rate for the strategy I provide, and that has equated to 6-figure savings and even more revenues for some of my clients.

Not only will I do a deep dive into the process of taking an idea to the app store, but I’ll also debunk several myths about starting a mobile app business and what you should consider along the way.

These myths are what currently hold you back from breaking free and realizing the real opportunity of your app idea, and they could be holding you back and causing you to miss out on the freedom and success you deserve.

Luckily it’s not difficult to break free and dissect the opportunity. It’s only involves knowing how and where to dissect, and I’m stoked to help you out there in later chapters, where we’ll dig into the first step of the process, market research for your app idea.

For many app owners, or people interested in creating an app, understanding the parts of creating an app is the biggest barrier to achieving success in the stores. The best way for you to combat this obstacle is to foster a burning desire for learning what these parts are, and then identifying what elements you need the most education in.

In this book, I’m going to distil the process of creating a market-viable app plan into 3 parts, where I then dig deeper into the necessary components of each part.

You don’t need to be tech savvy to figure this stuff out. I built a 7-figure mobile innovation business without a background in mobile development or technology. Heck, I studied pre-med in college and grew up on an emu ranch in a small town with one high-school.

After running and owning an app development company, TO THIS DAY, I STILL CAN’T CODE ONE LINE. I don’t intend to waste my time in getting to know how to either. The success of an app comes from the business strategy, so that’s where I spend my time and that’s what we’ll dig into to maximize your opportunity.

My mission: to improve the success rate of new innovative mobile apps around the world. The vehicle is the book you are reading.

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