Real Estate: Lead Generation for Real Estate Professionals

“Lead Generation for Real Estate Professionals”

What’s the best part of being a real estate professional? Is it:
• The “roller coaster income cycle. . .Broke one month and prosperous the next?
• How about those long weekends you spend in a strangers home hoping someone will come for the open house?
• How about the long boring hours you have to spend in the office just hoping the phone will ring?
Okay, sure we’re being facetious. But sometimes a little sarcasm goes a long way toward painting a picture. If you can relate to any part of the above, you need help!
It doesn’t matter if you are new to the real estate profession or a seasoned veteran there is one thing you have in common. Before you can sell any property you have to have prospects. . .or “listings” as they are referred to in the business.
Did you know that according to a study of actual closed sales, only .5% of the Realtors polled said that their closing came as a result of an “open house?” If you are putting all your prospecting eggs in that basket you will have to see at least 200 people in order to make a sale!
Have you ever wondered why it is that sets certain real estate agents apart from all the others? They seem to work less and earn more than their counterparts.
They never hold an open house, they never do floor work, they are consistently top producers and they make selling real estate seem easy!
There really isn’t a magic bullet. The answer is prospects!
There’s no doubt about it, generating leads for listings and sales is the lifeblood to a real estate pro. You might think that you are already using all the resources available to generate leads.
Think again. The real pros understand the importance of learning new ideas and techniques. They realize that if they pick up one new bit of information to add to their sales arsenal it could result in that million dollar sale!
That’s where “Lead Generation for Real Estate Professionals” comes in. No fluff. No hype. Just lead generation techniques, ideas and tips. There is something here for every one. . .rookies and veterans alike.
We think you will agree that “Lead Generation for Real Estate Professionals” will become your definitive guide for generating new leads for sales and listings.
We don’t tell you how to sell your properties. You already know that. “Lead Generation for Real Estate Professionals” is a “How To Guide” for generating leads period! You probably use some of the tools already, but we fine tune them and present the details on:
• Newspaper Classified Ads
• Private Radio transmitter
• Create your own web site
• Virtual tours
• Local “Parade of Homes”
• Signage
• Contractor and home builder shows
• Promotional handouts
• Lockboxes
• Press release
• Fax
• Seminars
• Networking
• Newsletter
• Referrals from clients

It doesn’t matter if you currently have a large book of listings or none at all. Beginning right now you, too, can reach the same enviable heights that a select few of your colleagues enjoy.
Grab your copy of “Lead Generation for Real Estate Professionals” today and answer your questions once and for all! You’ll be glad you did!

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