Other People’s Product: Sell Products & Services Online Without Providing the Product or Service Yourself

If you want to start an online career, then the best way for you to get started is through this bundle.

Learn how to start your career by choosing a business model that fits you and then you can expand later.

What you’ll learn in this bundle:

– The best way to get started as a non expert freelancer
– The best source of cheap services that you can resell online
– Where to sell your services if you’re just getting started
– How to create a product listing from start to finish… with actual examples inside.
– How to find the best services to resell
– My top 8 services that are HOT and ON FIRE right now
– How to confirm the market size and profitability in 5 minutes or less
– The “specific service technique” that will separate you from other sellers

– How the whole process of making money on Ebay (with a twist) works
– Where to find the best products (it’s not exactly on Ebay itself)
– The 5 point criteria you should use everytime your are doing a product research
– How to create a website from start to finish
– How to create a landing page that will serve as the sales page of your product
– How to set up paypal payment method
– How to get started with Facebook advertising
– How to start with only $5 per day budget
– How to evaluate the results of your ads

Starting a Business Doesn’t Have to Be Boring and Complicated!

Scroll Up, Download Your Copy and Start Implementing the Lessons Today!

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