No Strings Attached – Home Based Business – 21st Century Solution to Under and Unemployment (How to Earn Income in a Changed World)


Please consider your answers to this short and quick mental quiz:
* Have you ever been laid off or made redundant as part of a RIF (Reduction in Force)?
* Have you ever been passed over for promotion or DEMOTED?
* How well is your income keeping up with the needs and demands on it?
* Are you the one out of every two college graduates that are either out of work or underemployed?
* When you think about what it takes to become the CEO, or for that matter any level in between, what exactly must you do to be noticed, acknowledged and receive that all important promotion, wage increase that tells you that you are on the right track?
* Would you absolutely love to know that what you do to earn a living makes a profound, constructive difference in the lives of people for whom you love and care.
* Would you absolutely love to know exactly what is the fast track – the “steps” – to get ahead?
* Would you absolutely love to enjoy the freedom of balancing work with family time on your terms?
* Would you absolutely love, adore and appreciate fair exchange for your time and effort investment that allows you to provide for yourself and loved ones without worry and doubt?
* Would you absolutely love to do what you love, love what you do and profit from doing it?
If you answered yes to any or all of the questions above, this article presents a solution, and a case for action, for your consideration.
Freedom is the hope and promise of the American dream! Freedom comes in many forms: free to come and go as one pleases, free to purchase what one wants, free to live a lifestyle of one’s “desire and design”. Freedom is real, possible and believable! As the cliché goes, freedom is not free; it comes with a price. People willing to pay the price are the ones who live free.
A challenge for many of us is the knowing what is the price and how to pay it. The previous article in this series, titled “The App – Help in the Palm of Your Hand”, outlines one opportunity for achieving freedom and a rewarding income in direct proportion to the value delivered; this article presents yet another option for its reader to consider.
Any person burned by, or disappointed in, small or big business and corporate America, will be ecstatic to consider this self-employment opportunity because it offers solutions for each of the problems listed above and, not only is it recession proof, it thrives in any economy.


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