MoYou-London Nail Art Image Plate Tourist Collection 06

In order to apply MoYou designs you will need the following:

1) Nail polish – for best possible results use MoYouTM Special Nail Lacquer, although other brands could work as well.

2) MoYouTM Stamp & Scraper.

3) MoYouTM London Image Plate.

Please follow carefully the next steps:

1) Remove blue protection sticker.

2) Apply MoYouTM Nail Lacquer on the desired design

3) Remove excess nail lacquer with MoYouTM Scraper using a 45º angle.

4) Pick up the design with MoYouTM Stamp using a rolling motion.

5) Stamp the design on your nail using a rolling motion.
6) Apply MoYouTM Top Coat for a longer lasting result.

Product Features

  • MoYou Tourist Image Plate Collection 06 – Includes 32 designs on each plate.
  • The Tourist Plate collection 06 is one of 10 image plate collection. Follow our FB Page for new collections!
  • Each Plate is made of stainless steel with a plastic base. The designs are engraved in the plate
  • Please remove the plastic cover before using the plate and follow the instructions below.
  • MoYou Launches a new addition coming out every few weeks so don’t forget to come and visit! Enjoy – MoYou Team:)

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