Make Money With Your Own Home Typing Business: Get Paid To Do Easy Work From Home (Home Business 101)

Rave Reviews:

“Great stuff…I have been looking for a simple and easy way to generate some cash from home, and this book shows you how you can do it.”

“I had my doubts at first, but by the time I finished this book I was convinced that anyone can do this if they are serious about it.”

“Interesting and informative, packed full of good information you can use to build a home-based career. Well worth reading.”

“I didn’t think typing was a serious career these days, but this book showed me that there is still a huge demand for it. Very interesting ideas.”

Why Choose This Book?

If you love the idea of working from home and taking charge of your own future, then this book is definitely for you. You will discover how you can build a lucrative career that is profitable and interesting, and enjoy:

  • Firing your boss and putting yourself in the control seat
  • Getting paid for easy typing work
  • Setting your own rates and maximizing your income
  • Working flexible hours around your family
  • Enjoying the freedom of running your own life

What’s Inside?

This book gives you the inside track on how to build a highly-successful home-based typing career. You will discover:

  • How to find easy typing work
  • Ways to increase your earnings
  • How to get paid more money for doing less work
  • The secrets that the top pros use to succeed
  • How to make more money

Table Of Contents:

Chapter 1: The online home typing explosion

  • The online outsourcing phenomenon 
  • Who’s doing all this online outsourcing 
  • Why this is terrific news for you 

Chapter 2: Before you jump in

  • Types of online home typing jobs 
  • Necessary skills and equipment 
  • Finding legitimate online home typing jobs 
  • Tips on evaluating home typing job offers 
  • A note of caution 

Chapter 3: Taking the plunge

  • Decisions, decisions 
  • Getting and refining the skills you need 
  • Going for it 
  • What you can expect 

Chapter 4: Making your home typing business successful

  • Rule number one: Working at home is work 
  • Creating your home office 
  • Have great expectations, but keep ’em real 
  • Tips for maximizing your earning potential 
  • Record keeping will keep you sane 
  • Don’t forget Uncle Sam 

Chapter 5: Don’t get taken

  • Spotting and avoiding scams 
  • Protect yourself from identity theft 
  • Contracts are crucial 
  • Recourse if employers don’t pay

Why Now?

Start today and you could be a home-based professional just a short time from now, making more money for doing less work. So don’t put the decision off…grab your copy now and get started asap.

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