How To Make $100 From Craigslist Every Month


This book is not for beginners. This book is intended to provide only the practical tools, tips, and tricks on how to start making money on Craigslist immediately, every month, and create an additional source of cash flow.

There are no “secretes” or empty promises to “make thousands of dollars”. The book provides proven strategies to start, and successfully run a small cash business. Not only will you learn how to make extra money from Craigslist, but you’ll also learn the basics of entrepreneurship that will allow to test your entrepreneurial skills, and to see if you have what it takes to run your own business.

If you follow the steps provided in the book, realistically you will make at east $100-200 a month, every month !

Many books on “how to make money from Craigslist” are written either by “gurus” who’ve never run a business, or by somebody who made pocket change selling “grandma’s antique” for pennies on a dollar.

If after reading this book, you are still unable to make at least $10-20 profit, you might as well give up on any entrepreneurial dreams you might have.


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