Basic Success Tools for Internet and Marketing Entrepreneurs: How do ordinary people become extraordinary!


A non-fiction that provides the basis for internet and network marketing entrepreneurs success. Subtext is how ordinary people can use the internet and online marketing business to become extraordinary. Author provides the allegory …”Kite Story” to drive home the point that there are basic elements for family and business life success.

Author established the Internet and Marketing School based upon the insights taught and uses to distribute curriculum and marketing collateral to students.

Fundamental One for internet marketing success depends upon a clear understanding of what leaders do consistently and having the proper mindset for an online entrepreneur.

Fundamental Two for internet marketing success requires the effective implementation of attraction marketing and understanding of marketing basics.

Fundamental Three presents the argument for internet marketers to demonstrate a level of expertise and authority and introduces the 10x10x4 methodology.

Fundamental Four presents the review and importance of branding and the development of personal success story.

Fundamentals Five and Six identify the research elements required to perfect skills of content development, video and system implementation


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