MLM Recruiting: How to Build a Team

063 – Do you want to know how to build a team in network marketing? This blog will help you learn th…


12 thoughts on “MLM Recruiting: How to Build a Team

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  2. Here’s what I love about this video. An MLM recruiting master is still
    learning and sharing new things to improve his craft. The process never
    stops. Thanks Ray.

  3. Thanks Ray for such of powerful information! An idea for the video if I
    could say will be… “How to recruit when you just started your MLM” like,
    when you are just new, som idea to start with the right foot to recruit
    leaders and not sell sell sell!!! That is what the major of MLMers teach!!!
    Thaks Ray, even I’m from Venezuela and I live in Spain ( Spanish all over
    the place LOL) I follow you and find so much value in your information!

  4. Hi Ray, Love ur stuff. How about a video on recruiting people in your warm
    market, that are cold to MLM. Say someone who had a bad experience. Thanks,

  5. Good video! Building a team recuires culture. Culture is values and vision
    – what are you known for, what do you stand for, what are you against…

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