Car theft

We’ve all heard of the movie, Gone in 60 Seconds, with the handsome Nicholas Cage. If you’ve never seen it, you are at least familiar with the concept. While the movie is exaggerated in some aspects for dramatic effects, the purpose is still the same. Car theft is a huge business internationally and it doesn’t take more than a minute for someone to successfully steal your car. The more that technology will invent to help aid you in not having your car stolen, the smarter the criminals and thieves become as well. There are many precautions that you can take in order to prevent becoming a victim of car theft.

The most popular time for car theft to occur is at night. That’s obvious, the less witnesses, the easier the criminals have it. And the most common place in which cars get stolen are in large lots or along streets. The best defense is to park your car inside of a garage or at least as close to your house as possible. Most likely, a thief wants to be able to steal a car as quickly as possible and the more hurdles that they have to jump over to get your car will make your vehicle look much less appealing to them. By parking your car indoors or putting it in a parking garage or fenced lot, you are making your car look less appealing. Don’t leave any personal information in your vehicle either. If someone does get a old of it, you don’t want them to have your bank or credit card information.

If you park your car in your driveway and don’t have a garage, consider putting in a motion sensor hooked up to flood lights. It may be enough to scare a thief off once they realize that they are suddenly very visible. Having a car alarm is always a wonderful choice but keep in mind that it may not prevent car theft. A good thief knows how to dissemble a blaring car alarm in seconds. What an alarm does do is alert people around that something may be wrong and they might pay more attention. If you’re inside of a mall and cannot hear your alarm going off, it serves no purpose. But, witnesses may be able to relay some information to the police.

A more rare form of car theft is actual carjacking. A thief, most likely, prefers no confrontation and to steal a car that doesn’t have any occupants, it does occur. Keep in mind that if you are ever confronted by a carjacker, it isn’t a time to stand up for yourself or be a hero. If you are facing danger, concede. If someone is brazen enough to yank you out of your car and steal it, they may not hesitate to harm you.

Car theft is definitely something that every vehicle owner should be cautious about. With some common sense and some prevention, you may not find yourself becoming a victim.

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