Will Work from Home: Earn the Cash–Without the Commute


Escape the cube. Ditch the commute. It?s not just a dream anymore.

Many people already spend 12 hours a day getting to work, working, getting home from work. Here?s some good news: thanks to advances in technology, acceptance of outsourcing, the trend towards corporate flextime, and other factors, working from home is easier than ever.

Good Morning America?s Workplace Contributor Tory Johnson and consumer advocate Robyn Freedman Spizman tell readers exactly how to turn today?s cultural change to their advantage without giving up an income. Specific business plans will teach them how to:
? Take their current position home
? Find a new company whose policies will allow them to work from home
? Reseach a product they believe in, and sell it from home
? Start their own business, doing something they love, for a minimal initial investment

With real-life stories, a step-by-step plan, resource guides, and lists of scams to avoid, this is the book that will help readers finally make the leap??and show them that they don?t have to give up their family, creativity, or peace of mind to earn a decent salary.


3 thoughts on “Will Work from Home: Earn the Cash–Without the Commute

  1. Awesome Advice I’ve already made money from Tory’s awesome advice in two areas: addingAdSense to my website which brings me money every month and with AlpineAccess, which I loooove. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to make some money at home.

  2. Review of “Will Work from home” book The book was not really what I expected. I read it but it was not all about working from home and some of the sites she recommends cost money to sign up for although she states in the book you should never have to pay a fee. It was okay but I would have rather checked it out from a library or borrowed rather then waste my hard earned money on it. Most of the sites she gave I am already aware of.

  3. A fantastic guide to your new home job! Tory Johnson, the CEO and founder of Women for Hire, and a frequent contributor to several television shows, including Good Morning America, shows you how to make a good living working from your own home. Whether you want to take your current position out of the office, or create a business on your own, this is a practical guide to making it happen.You get the benefit of her enormous experience, in an easy to read, well organized book. She includes real life examples of people who…

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