The Work At Home Instant Income ProfitFunnel System: How To Create High Income Business Opportunities From Home


The Work At Home Instant Income *ProfitFunnel System* is the first affiliate

marketing book and guide written especially for beginning marketers, entrepreneurs and small business owners on identifying and choosing a “Niche Oriented” work from home business model and promoting it at zero cost to you. With over 80.000 words and over 60 illustrations and notes, this book gives you all the necessary information, links and methods that you will need to successfully conquer this beast, and gives you insight into the realm of the affiliate and online marketing arena.

Learn the secrets of online success and discover how you too can earn great income Working From Home, From Your Home Based Business, Moms Work At Home, Moms Home Based Business, Self Employment At Home, Find Jobs At Home, or however you want to call it, as we let the cat out of the bag and reveal to you all the insider secrets that are making so many people rich and happy on a daily basis.

Home base businesses opportunities are endless, more and more people are creating income for themselves through self employment at home. The only thing missing is the shortage of knowledge that many have about how to start these businesses. The Work At Home Instant Income *ProfitFunnel System* gives concrete information on how to choose the “Right Home Base Business Model” for yourself and enjoy the lifestyle that you envision.

The Work At Home Instant Income *ProfitFunnel System* is broken down into in 5 parts starting with Building Your Business where a number of things are touched upon such as Preparing Your Website or Blos, Identifying Your Target Audience, Identifying your Niche, etc. Then to part II, Polishing Your Efforts to include Choosing Your Niche, Finding Your First Product To Promote and boning up on your Article writing skills, The Rules Of Engagement. In part III, we are concerned with Private Labelling strategies for finding Hot Niche oriented products to sell, Dropshipping. Part IV is about *Taking Action*, drive traffic to your website or blog. And finally Part V, The Best Kept Money Making Secrets.

The Work At Home Instant Income *ProfitFunnel System* provides you with techniques for marketing products that many online marketers are oblivious to. You will learn:

• The #1 best kept secret to outselling your competitors

• Thrive as an online marketer and master any marketplace

• Discover proven Marketing Techniques

• How to Prepare your Website

• Learn how to Find And Promote “RED HOT” Niche Markets

• How to choose your Domain name

• How to open a ClickBank and Google AdWords Account

• How to find Products to Promote

• How to Private Label

• How to Run Your Amazon Business

• How to choose the Right Niche

• How to Take Action-drive hordes of Traffic To Your Website

• How to Create A Promotional Ad On Facebook

• How to build a Landing Page and much, much more!

This book is also accompanies by 3 of Payne’s best selling eBooks who states that” I will not sell a book or eBook to anyone and have people wondering what to do with that information!” This is why buyers of The Work At Home Instant Income *ProfitFunnel System* will also get 4 extra bonuses, (1) The “Article Canon”- learn to write great articles, (2) the “Hot Niche Hound”- learn to spot Hot profitable Niche markets (3) The “PLR Cheater”-to help get your started with private labelling. And last but not least your “Special” bonus the *How to Dominate Amazon’s Best Seller List Manual*


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